Oliver Pocher shares after the show with Helene Fischer and fans: Trouble in the VIP area

TonyPoland | 23/08/2022, 15:00

Oliver Pocher at Megapark

Photo: IMAGO / nicepix.world

Among the 130,000 viewers of the Helene Fischer megaconcert, there was not only the best atmosphere. There was a lot of trouble, especially in the VIP area. I found food for Oliver Pocher’s gossipers.

Queen of pop Helene Fischer (38) gave her XXL concert on August 20 in Munich for a gigantic concert despite a glaring rainy day. However, apart from the downpour during the event, the organizer of “Leutgeb Entertainment Group” was also criticized. The conditions in the particularly expensive VIP zones were probably responsible for this.

Some videos in which indignant viewers vent their anger over inappropriate conditions on the site have gone viral in recent days. Oliver Pocher was especially pleased about it. The moderator once again followed verbally on his social media channels.

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