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The idea is not entirely new: shifting some parcel deliveries to public transport. This is to protect the climate and reduce traffic in the city. That is why Fraunhofer Austria carried out a feasibility study in Vienna together with Wiener Linien last year. As the research institute now reports, passengers have shown a great desire to take parcels with them on the tram.

Therefore, Fraunhofer Austria wishes to base itself on the feasibility study of the Öffi-Packerl project. This time it is about developing a specific concept, including the creation of the necessary application and parcel machines, which, thanks to solar energy, should also work without connection to electricity. At the same time, the project will be extended to other, more rural regions of Austria, the research institute said.

A package boom in the Corona era

The increase in online orders, which intensified during the times of the Crown, is leading to a growing inflow of parcels. Climate protection has suffered from most of the deliveries so far. In cities, road emissions affect people’s quality of life.

Scientists at Fraunhofer Austria believe that there is an urgent need to change this. Now they have developed the idea of ​​so-called crowdsourcing for small packages: people using public transport in the city voluntarily transport parcels from one parcel locker to another – so to speak, parcel-to-go. We find appropriate programs using the application in which the user enters the planned journey. The parcel locker should also be possible to open using the app.

However, a lot of development work still needs to be done before the transportation of shipments on the tram can enter the testing phase. First, experts from Fraunhofer Austria together with Wiener Linien and Netwiss OG will analyze passenger flows. In this way, you can find the right tram lines and the perfect location of parcel lockers.

Data, application and company

The necessary application will be developed by Upstream – next level mobility GmbH. The Institute of Information Technology of the Vienna University of Technology provides an algorithm that is able to match the entered routes to the appropriate packages. The data used to identify the most suitable routes comes from Österreichische Post AG, and Variocube GmbH develops self-contained, modular parcel boxes to be positioned at up to eight locations during the test phase. However, this concept is to be developed and tested not only in Vienna as part of the project. Thanks to GRT Spedition und Logistik and the Großbötzl image, two companies from Upper Austria are also on board.

“Think outside of Vienna and find out if the concept is also suitable for rural areas,” says project manager Matthias Hayek.

“The collaboration with the Großbötzl painting gives us the opportunity to carry out our sustainability testing of the sales process in the area around Ried im Innkreis.”

Project “Öffi-Packerl: Development and piloting of a prototype for last mile operation in the public transport system” funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK) through the Austrian research department Society (FFG) has a Term almost three years. The first test deliveries are scheduled for 2024. Wilfried Sihn, Managing Director of Fraunhofer Austria, explained:

“One of our most important focal points at Fraunhofer Austria is the development of the concept of sustainable management. Our research activities cover topics such as green factory planning, sustainable workplace design and climate-friendly logistics, just to name a few. I am delighted that we will continue to pursue such a promising approach to green logistics in the “Öffi-Packerl” project with a strong consortium. “

Open up the potential of public transport

Ruzica Cavala, project manager at Österreichische Post AG, commented on the project:

“Professional logistics is a complex process that often goes unnoticed in front of the customer. With this research project, we want to open up this process for the first time and together explore the potential of public transport when combined with the efficient infrastructure of the Swiss Post. ‘

Managing Director Alexandra Reinagl emphasizes that innovation and sustainability go hand in hand at Wiener Linien.

“This is where the new research project” Öffi-Packerl “comes in. The results of the feasibility study showed how much interest there is among our passengers in delivering climate-friendly shipments. ”

The task now is to define the general conditions and explore what is possible with research partners. Wiener Linien is looking forward to the next steps in the project, says Reinagl.

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