Tostedt: Seniors are mentally fit thanks to digital play at the interactive table

Diethild Gietzel, Bärbel Ebeling and Sieglinde Nititzki are sitting at the table with the babysitter Gaby Doruk, enthusiastically pressing buttons or “slicing” a virtual fruit with quick swipe movements for a “fruit salad”. Two so-called

There are various focal points from the submenu on this activity table. These include games, media (e.g. newspapers) and exercises that activate hands and memory, such as cutting fruit, catching fireflies, recognizing animal sounds, curiosities and remembering. Memories come alive thanks to music from the past played on YouTube, and there is something to talk about with seniors. The height-adjustable roller care table can be placed vertically via the remote control, so you can watch movies together.

Games such as “Mensch-ärger-dich-nicht”, win four and bingo are especially popular, as are YouTube channels with devotion and songs that let the locals remember. “I like to listen to hits, especially the old ones like Peter Alexander,” explains Sieglinde Nititzki. “You can find all the songs up to the ’20s and’ 30s like Zarah Leander,” adds manager Gaby Doruk. Sieglinde Nititzka’s eyes flashed as she heard the keyword: “My mother took me to the movies when I was a child,” she recalls.

City Tours are very lively and allow 3D views of the sights of Cologne, Berlin, Hamburg, Dresden and many more, as if you were right in the middle of the action.

The support group presented the coveted project in November last year on the occasion of its tenth anniversary. Then donations were collected, incl. members of the support group donated their small fee, which they received for their work at the Corona test facility of the hostel association. There was also a large donation from an unnamed sponsor, making the sum – almost EUR 13,000 – for both care tables merged quickly. This is what one table usually costs. But the support group was lucky: “We originally wanted to order tables from the Netherlands, but then we came across a start-up from Dessau,” explains Joachim Krebber, chairman of the support group.

Caretables already support over 300 care facilities in Germany. The young company says it has developed the nursing table from the very beginning in close cooperation with the care facilities, carers and residents (

• Through its initiatives, the support group ensures that the shelter association, the retirement home and the diaconal station in Tostedt can make a wide variety of additional offers for those in need of care and assistance. Therefore, donations are always welcome in the donation account at Sparkasse Harburg-Buxtehude,
IBAN: DE13 2075 0000 0090 1680 48 (provide reference number and address).

Laughter and fellowship are healthy

The fact that Caretable was well received by seniors was evident from their enthusiasm. But what do the experts say about it? Gabriele Probandt, a medical doctor, specialist in general medicine and geriatrics (medicine for the elderly), made the evaluation on behalf of WOCHENBLATT.

“From a geriatric point of view, I find this offer very positive. In old age, people have to accept a number of restrictions. These are the impairment of the sensory functions such as hearing and sight, reduced motor skills and motor skills, and thus mobility. Activation of the body with all senses comes first, and especially laughter and the community stabilize health and well-being.

Large play equipment with a clear and colored play / activation area counteracts some age restrictions. The challenge of learning something new is doable and reveals a sense of achievement

In terms of motor skills, seniors are not overwhelmed but encouraged. Negative experiences with reduced motor skills do not occur, the large playing field allows a better overview and thus easier ability to act. Transparency makes it easier to play in a larger group and thus promotes communication and sympathy with the other person.

Laughter and community are secondary helpers in healthcare, as is experiencing one’s own competencies and skills to learn and master new things. ‘

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