News from the kangaroo: playing with climate change deniers

A few years ago, a kangaroo stood in front of Marc-Uwe’s door (played by Dimitrij Schaad). He wanted eggs, milk, flour, a frying pan, and he moved in right away. Because “mine, yours, what does it mean” – a kangaroo is a communist. Marc-Uwe didn’t quite manage to defend himself. And he would probably stay in the hammock even when the bulldozers arrived. Only together with the marsupial was he able to oppose the right-wing sharks in the real estate market, racists and gentrifiers.

Even in Dani Levy’s Kangaroo Chronicles (2020), the world wasn’t right anymore, even if there was no pandemic and no lateral thinkers’ demonstration then, and the climate catastrophe case could somehow be ignored even better. The film is based on blunt stories about the cult kangaroo that Kling has been using to communicate his political stance to his viewers since 2010, first in the form of a podcast, and then on stage, in books, audiobooks and comics with a lot of humor. and linguistic acrobatics.

X Rent / 2021 Stefan Erhard

The influential conspirator Adam Krieger (Benno Fürmann) is the romantic hero of aluminum hats

An absurd sequel is now entering the cinema with “Kangaroo Conspiracy”. The first time Kling directed it himself, and this time it deals with a topic that is especially dear to his heart: “Despite all the acute crises we have, the climate is a huge problem we face, and a huge one, like a single cylinder, Kling told ORF. at. “People are still not aware enough that this can become arbitrarily wrong.”

Get out of the rabbit hole

In the movie, it seems that the mother of Marc-Uwe’s long-time love, Maria (Rosalie Thomass), made a mistake on the Internet and became a fanatical supporter of conspiratorial guru Adam Krieger (Benno Fürmann). Although he doesn’t believe in Discworld theory and has nothing to do with lizards or chemtrails on an aluminum hat. But as a passionate driver, she is convinced that the climate crisis is a lie invented by the government to deprive people of joy.

In order to finally conquer Maria and tear her away from her adorable ex-Joe (Michael Ostrowski), Marc-Uwe decides to lead his future mother-in-law out of her rabbit hole and return to earth. But the path that takes him and the kangaroo through Germany to the Bielefeld Conspiracy Congress will not be easy. From an overzealous soldier who suspects them of terrorism to electric car incidents and airport harassment (“Put the bag on your belt!” – “How has it grown ?!”), they both have to endure a lot of hardships.

Scene from the movie

X Rent / 2021 Stefan Erhard

Michael Ostrowski plays Maria Joe’s ex-boyfriend, who is ultimately able to save even in urgent need

The surreal detours that the film takes in the drug sequence and in the drastic ending don’t work as well as the rest, which at times are so close to reality it hurts. “I am glad that I am not a small artist, because how can you exaggerate it?” – says the kangaroo at one point in the face of completely lost conspiracy fanatics. And Marc-Uwe replies, “You can only emphasize it, no one else believes you.”

Kangaroo plot cover

X Rent / 2021 Stefan Erhard

“Kangaroo Conspiracy” is not based on the book, but there is a comic by artist Axel Eichhorst to be released by Ullstein in parallel with the cinema premiere

“I almost lost faith in humanity”

The real Kling also emphasized in an interview: “Actually, the movie is understating, because if you are presenting reality, no one would believe you anymore. No matter how absurd the conspiracy theories in the film are, the Internet can surpass anything. ” The research didn’t take him to an esoteric fair, but it was still intense: “I did way too much research and almost lost faith in it, she lost humanity.”

The film was not created due to the corona virus denial scene. “I wanted to make a movie about the climate crisis before the Crown, the conspiracy stories came later,” says Kling. Nevertheless, it is extremely liberating how bluntly and freely this film mocks the curses of the lateral and esoteric thinkers who have dominated the political and social debates of recent years without ever being malicious or sloppy arguments.

The only thing that is a little messy is that Kling and his screenwriter partner Jan Cronauer built a deus ex machina with the redeemer character Joe, the ex-Maria with deadly sex appeal and indestructible optimism. This Joe can still help in the most difficult situations. But there must be some glimmer of hope.

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