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Open-air music: During the holidays in the north of Rhineland-Palatinate, there are a number of celebrations, festivals and concerts. We give tips on where to celebrate.


From 5 to 7 August, after a two-year break, the Pydna missile base near Kastellaun will host Nature One instead. During the 26th edition of the techno festival, 350 DJs want people to dance across 22 floors. About 60,000 fans of electronic music are expected. They should also be on the second Castle Beats Festival at the Rheinfels Castle in St. Goar on September 2 and 3.

Festival alternatives to Nature One

Raversbeuren is taking place at the same time as Nature One Lotta festival instead. The organizers announce a diverse music program with around 30 acts on two stages. Right outside the Rhineland-Palatinate, it will also be held from 5 to 7 August Tropical Tango Festival in Wollmerschied. The festival is held for the third time and presents music from such genres as hip-hop, electro, gypsy, Balkan and punk rock.

At Weingut Kloster Marienthal in the Ahr Valley, it will be on August 4th and 5th Benefit Festival “Get Go”. In addition to musical performances, visitors will also enjoy comedy and magic interludes. The proceeds from the festival are intended to support youth facilities in the flood-affected Ahr. Jazz music lovers will be in the Westerwald on August 5 and 6 at Jazz Tival at Stöffelpark Find it.

Rock Festival 2022 in Westerwald

If you like rocking then you will get something worth your money on the weekend of August 19th and 20th. At Rotenhain in Westerwald, 25th edition skirt in the box instead. At the same time, in Linkenbach at ul Festival of Wake Up swayed. Income from the festival is donated to charity. August 20 will be a little more comfortable NRheinRocks on the Rheinbühne in Neuwied. From 19 to 21 August 37 Pellenzer open-air festival instead.


Bela B, Reamonn or In Extremo – they all played in “Rock im Feld” in Rotenhain. On the weekend, the Westerwald festival celebrates its 25th anniversary.

in the afternoon

SWR4 Rhineland-Palatinate

Also on the last weekend of August, there will be open-air music again – although the sounds are really strong. This Festival of Death in the open air in Andernach is, according to the organizers, “the most brutal festival in Europe”. He’s a little more relaxed outdoors Rock’n’Rhine 2022 in Bad Hönningen – On 3 September, several bands will play on the stage in Rheinanlagen.

festivals and fairssenior

From 5 to 6 August it will be again on the banks of the Rhine in Andernach “Festival of 1000 Lights” famous. In addition to live music, you can expect fireworks on Saturday night. From 5 to 8 August will also take place Montabaur fair instead. There will be 15 bands on three stages. this Asbach Trade Fair takes place from 6 to 10 August.

The Return: Rhine Falls 2022

August 13 return Rhine in Flames on the route between Spay / Braubach and Koblenz. While a ship parade – consisting of 50 ships – meanders along the Rhine, celebrations take place in the neighboring towns of Spay, Braubach, Brey, Lahnstein and Koblenz. This Koblenz Summer Festival starts on August 12 and lasts three days.

Rhine in Flames Fireworks in Koblenz (Photo: picture-alliance / report services, picture Alliance / dpa | Thomas Frey)

The Rhein in Flammen is due to be held again this year after a two-year hiatus.

photo-alliance / reportage services

image alliance / dpa | Tomasz Frey

There is a fair at the same time in Westerwald. this Hachenburg fair runs from August 13 to 15. The musical setting of the great festival will be provided by no less than twelve bands and ensembles. this Trade fair in Dernbach on August 12, and ends on Mondays with a traditional Krammarkt in the city center.

The fair is also held in Niederbreitbach (August 12-15) and in Waldbreitbach (August 19-22). The great Wied in Flammen fireworks will not take place this time. From August 20 to August 23 it is Sinzig Trade Fair announced – visitors can count on a variety of rides and other attractions.

Castles bring the Middle Ages to life at festivals

On the last weekend of August (August 28 and 29), incl Manderscheid Castle Festival instead. In addition to demonstration fights and craftsmen, visitors can also count on ballad singers, jesters and jugglers. The same weekend also tempts Medieval spectacle at Braunfels.

Flower parade in Bad Ems (photo Bartholomäusmarktverein Bad Ems eV)

According to the organizers, the flower parade in Bad Ems is one of the largest events of this type in the world. Approximately 1.5 million dahlias are processed in motif carriages.

Bartholomäusmarktverein Bad Ems eV

There will also be big celebrations in Bad Ems from 26 to 29 August. Here it is Bartholomew’s market and the famous flower parade through the city. It is also happening at the same time Home festival in Adenau instead, as well as this Homeland and Wine Festival in Cochem instead. In Neuwied he lures Creole buzzer at Goethe venues with music from around the world and in Emmelshausen na wine market reason to celebrate.

It starts on August 26 Moselle festival in Winningenwhich ends on September 4 with a great fireworks display. The end of the vacation can also be on Andernach culture night celebrate. As the organizer has announced, on September 3, guests visiting the historic city center can expect many cultural, musical and culinary delights. Also announced, inter alia, silent disco.

series of concerts

Many concert series take place in Northern Rhineland-Palatinate in summer. in Summer in the city of Bendorf for the last time on August 5 and 6, live music will be played with a tribute to Helene Fischer and Udo Lindenberg. August 6 is waiting Mayen makes music for example the guitar duo Silent Kitchen on stage.

As part of the Summer festivals in Bad Marienberg There are also open-air concerts on the market – like August 9 with the Black Velvet Band. Again and again on Thursdays there is live music on Old Market Square in Hachenburg. The program is available at Kultturzeit Hachenburg.

Parties for free and outside

Also Cultural Summer in Ahrweiler attracts regular concerts to the stage at the Ahrweiler Markt until the end of August. Until August 18, it also exists Prüm summer Music outdoors. Admission to all events is free. Other series of concerts include: Waldeck Summer Song at Burg Waldeck or something like that? Sunday morning on the square of the Sayner Hütte huts. Also on Maria Ruh’s outdoor scene many concerts take place on the middle Rhine in summer.

Cinema and open-air fair

In addition to concerts during the summer holidays, a number of other outdoor events take place in Northern Rhineland-Palatinate. For example Antiques and flea markets in Linz and Bad Hönningen August 13 and 14. Or Steampunk market in the Sayner Hütte August 20 and 21.

There is, for example, an open-air cinema Summer cinema in Kurpark in Ahrweiler. The films will be shown outdoors until the end of August. From August 18 to 28, it will be this too Koblenz Ufer Cinema (KUK). In addition to the screen view, the view of the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress and Deutsches Eck is also tempting.

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