Church gathering in Beeskow: a coffin is painted in front of the town hall – big concert with Judy Bailey

Nearly 40,000 Protestant Christians live in the Oderland-Spree Church District, which includes the city of Frankfurt, Märkisch Oderland, and Oder-Spree. We invite everyone to Beeskow on September 11 to celebrate Church Day together with other interested parties.

It was originally scheduled to take place in 2020. But Corona made it impossible. There was a constant need to postpone and change the preparations. The program is now ready. In Beeskerker they will meet under the slogan “Now”. A team of 15 was responsible for the preparation of the event. Final votes this week took place in the old school on Beeskower Kirchplatz, where a printed program was also available for the first time.

An open festival for everyone

Kirchentag will be a very open celebration. Not only do Christians go to church, they will be present throughout the city. For example, according to Superintendent Frank Schürer-Behrmann, they deliberately do not want to start with a large shared service, but with small services at five planned meeting points. The selected biblical text from Luke’s Gospel for the day is appropriate. He says, “Behold, the kingdom of God is in your midst.”

It is also the Bible that takes center stage in one of the meeting points in the church square. There will be music with the band Schiller 19 from Fürstenwalde and discussions. Superintendent General Theresa Rinecker and Beeskow Mayor Frank Steffen speak of “God and the world.”
Marienkirche itself becomes a meeting place for children and families. A cardboard city is to be created there from boxes and paints, girls and boys will be able to make crafts, paint colorful pictures, listen to biblical stories and overcome a small obstacle course.

On a climb in the Beeskower Marienkirche

The castle proves how diverse is church music. This is Meeting Point 3 dedicated to culture. Performs Marienkantorei from Beeskow, trombone choirs come from Müllrose, Letschin and Fürstenwalde. Kantorei from Fürstenwalde, the Samaritan Choir and many individual singers and instrumentalists will also be represented.

The town hall is responsible for pastoral care

The Beeskow City Hall testifies to the fact that the church is an important part of civil society as a whole. It becomes a meeting place for the pastoral ministry. A wide range of tasks, as evidenced by information stands in the courtyard of the town hall. Accompaniment and support ranges from emergency and telephone pastoral care to hospital and prison pastoral care and hospice work. A ritual that has long been neglected in the Protestant Church, i.e. the anointing, is also practiced in the wedding hall.

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Pastoral care and the anointing of the sick are often associated with death, a problem faced by every person, regardless of religion. This is also indicated by the Kirchentag. And in a creative and provocative way: a coffin can be painted in front of the town hall.

Graffiti project on the market

The fact that they also want to leave their mark on Beeskow is a testament to the self-confidence of the Evangelical Church. They will be built mainly on the fifth meeting place for young people, on the market square. There are plans for, among others graffiti design. Many members of the young community from the region will come to Beeskow the day before and will celebrate “Youth Night” at the fishery. From 15:00 there are drum and graffiti workshops, canoeing trips, and after dinner a bonfire with music. You can stay overnight in your own tents. We promise a delicious breakfast for the next morning. It is also an open offer for young people who are not members of the church.

Grand closing ceremony with cross audition and concert

A large audience can also be attracted by the final market event, where many initiatives and church groups are also presented. There, after being greeted and questioned by Bishop Christian Stäblein, Judy Bailey will appear. Born in London, raised in Barbados and now living in Germany, she is one of the most famous Christian pop musicians in the world.

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