Robbie Williams: Promoter changes ticket categories – fans are angry

Robbie Williams will arrive in Munich on Saturday 27 August. His concert is organized by the same organizer as the Helene Fischer giga event – and will also take place at the exhibition center. There’s trouble again.

Helene Fischer’s concert last weekend not only made the fans happy. Many were upset. A similar fate awaits the upcoming Robbie Williams concert. Because the organizer is the same as the concert of Helene Fischer. This time around, there are still no complaints about the lack of control or the lack of food in the VIP lounge – guests can only hope that Leutgeb Entertainment has learned from the mistakes made at the Helene Fischer megaconcert. Nevertheless, with a few days before Robbie Williams’ concert, trouble again sets in. The organizer changed the categories of tickets in a short time – and this sometimes leads to significant price increases.

Robbie Williams concert: 90,000 fans expected

As reported by Abendzeitung, the organizer of the Robbie Williams concert in Munich next Saturday then changed the ticket categories. Fans who have already spent money on a specific venue or stand are frustrated. After all, there is often a significant price difference between the different categories.

The concert organizer tries to reassure fans of the British superstar ahead of AZ: If one of the 90,000 expected fans is not satisfied, “he can contact us at any time and of course we will refund the ticket price! Because what we absolutely don’t want are dissatisfied customers. ” The reason for the spontaneous change of category was the inevitable change of plan: on Saturday only a one-stage bridge will lead to the masses – however, originally three bridges were planned and accordingly, of course, divided into different categories. If you are not standing or sitting at the pier, of course you will be disappointed – after all, you could be very close to your idol.

Robbie Williams: There are thunderstorm warnings at his concert too

Fans who actually claim compensation must be patient, the organizer asks: “You will understand that this involves a certain amount of work and time.” He then explains the failed organization as follows: Customers were only given a “review plan, which is only for guidance” in advance. Further changes were inevitable, as concerts of this rank had never been held at the exhibition center before.

After Helene Fischer’s concert, fans can only hope that the organizer has learned from his mistakes and that at least on the night of the Robbie Williams concert, everything will go smoothly. Unfortunately, they are again faced with an uncontrolled challenge: the weather. A 70-90 percent chance of rain is forecast for the weekend.

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Helene Fischer will be touring again in 2023 with her latest album “Rausch”. After the mega show, which not everyone liked, some fans with next year tickets are probably afraid of flop. But everyone can rest easy: next year it will be different.

“What a rip off” and “worse than at the train station” are furious with the disillusioned Instagram-goers of Helene Fischer’s concerts. They bought VIP tickets to a pop singer’s performance in Munich for a lot of money, but they probably didn’t get much for it. Now the organizers are speaking.

The first fans are spreading their camping chairs on Friday afternoon. There are still over 30 hours until the scheduled start of the concert. Young people believe that the sooner they get there, the better. Error as will be shown.

Even the pouring rain couldn’t keep Helene Fischer from the big show in front of 130,000 people – even if it was pretty damn tight at times.

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