Lots of concerts – from Duo Akkovio to Finkwarder Speeldeel

The magistrate’s house in Schwarzenbek

Lots of concerts – from Duo Akkovio to Finkwarder Speeldeel

The fisherman’s shirt and Sunday attire are part of the traditional Finkenwarder Speeldeel attire.

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Visitors to the Schwarzenbek magistrate can count on concerts, lectures and a popular exhibition organized by the Fakt association.

Schwarzenbek. She actually did Finkwarder Speldeel already last year for concert they want to come to a European city. “My colleague Kerstin Thiel-Hertel has managed to set up a group for Schwarzenbek purchased, ”says Vera Kohns of the city’s culture department. However, in 2021, a crown pandemic made it impossible to perform in the run-up to Christmas. “The group then offered to catch up and we were happy to accept it,” Kohns said. Speeldeel will now arrive at the Amtsrichterhaus (Körnerplatz 10) on Saturday 17 December.

16 events in the house of the magistrate

The new biannual program of the Judge’s House, which was designed by Thiel-Hertel and Kohn’s predecessor, Christine Uhde, covers a total of 16 events. It started on Thursday, August 25 with a Nabu lecture and will be continued on Saturday, August 27 with a concert by the Akkovio duo from Lubeck. Antje Lorenz (accordion) and Diotima Micheel (violin) met while studying at the University of Music in Lübeck and have been performing as a permanent duo since 2003. From 7.00 p.m. in the Magistrate House, pieces as varied as Johannes Brahms’ 5th Hungarian Dance, Eric Clapton’s “Tears in Heaven” or “As Time Passes” from the classic film “Casablanca” will be played.

The next concerts take place with the Baben der Erde quintet (September 10), five musicians gathered around the guitarist and namesake Alfa Babendererde, accompanied by Brazilian jazz singer Valentina Coutinho. They play jazz, Latin, bossa, bop and swing.

Italian songs, pop and everyday poetry

Mario Di Leo was born in Rome, and the folk songs of his homeland are especially close to him. The Italian evening on September 24, which he organizes with his daughter Stella (vocals) and son Luca (vocals, guitar, double bass and trumpet), offers tarantellas, canzoni and ballads by cult musicians such as Fabrizio De André and Paolo Conte.

Fräulein Tüpfeltaubes Tagebuch is the name of a band led by singer and flautist Sarah Horneber, who makes up for their canceled concert on May 1 October and combines pop with classical music, jazz and world music.

Dirk Friedrich and Matthias Wiesenhütter (November 26) are two Berlin poets who look at the adversities of life with a guitar and a sense of humor with a pinch of salt. Two Sunday concerts at 3 p.m. on September 18 and November 20 will also be attended by students of the district music school.

Christmas concert in a fisherman’s shirt and Sunday outfit

The most important moment will be December 17: Finkwarder Speeldeel, founded in 1906 as an amateur theater group on the island of Finkenwerder on the Elbe, is over 100 years old. Today, the folklore group, whose members wear the Buscherrump, the fisherman’s shirt of the fishermen of Finkenwerder, and the Sunday dress of the women of Finkenwerder, are the cultural ambassador of the Hanseatic city. At the Christmas concert you will hear Low German classics as well as polyphonic pop-folk arrangements.

A novelty is the exhibition of facts: on November 12 and 13, participants of the therapeutic painting groups of the association for the promotion of outpatient oncological therapy will present their photos from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. There are also lectures on the development of the city of Schwarzenbek (October 27), lawyer Friedrich Sprewitz with former archivist William Boehart (November 17), Heinrich Schliemann, who discovered Troy (December 8), and an afternoon in Low German (December 18).

Lectures and concerts of the District School of Music are free. The rest of the concerts start at 7pm and cost € 20. Tickets available at the box office. Reservations can be made at 0 41 51/88 11 32 or by e-mail at mail@amtsrichterhaus.de.

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