The Haifischblut Collective celebrates its summer party in Saarbrücken tomorrow

Saarbrücker for 10 years “Shark Blood Collective” with his passion for good concerts popular bands Saarbrücken. Registered since 2019, the non-profit association consists of a handful of music-loving friends who have organized music events.

“Haifischblut Collective” celebrates the summer party with a concert in a silo

in the morning Saturday (August 27, 2022) After the long hiatus, Corona will host a major festival for the first time, Rising Summer Party in association with East cultural resource and home sector in Osthafen in Saarbrücken.

They will be bands Culk, Smile, Yagow and Pretty Lightning play. Entry from 18:30. Tickets are available online through the collective or at the box office. There are also drinks, snacks and of course “Shark blood” (vodka with tomato juice and sangrita) all evening.

Haifischblut Collective in the SOL.DE interview

In order to introduce you to “Kolektyw Haifischblut” and put you in the mood for the summer party, we asked the co-founder Alexander Koch with seven questions:

What makes you stand out?

“We always try our best to gather a diverse line-up and offer marginalized (personal) groups the opportunity to play concerts. Our concerts should be a safe space for everyone, but of course we are also not perfect and we are always happy to receive substantive criticism or suggestions for improvement. “

How has the Covid pandemic affected your collective?

“Like many in the culture industry, the Covid pandemic has slowed down our collective. Over the past two years, we hosted several internet DJ sets raising money for NGOs. It was a nice alternative, even if the impressions don’t come close to concert night in attendance. There was another lottery in late summer, then we took a break again. We are slowly starting over, which of course makes us very happy. Nevertheless, we realize that the pandemic is still a big part of our lives and we will probably have to stop again for fall / winter. It has to be said, however, that compared to many other people, we have not suffered any financial loss, of which we are of course more than happy. “

Since it’s starting all over, did you notice any differences prior to the pandemic / aftermath / pre-pandemic changes?

“People are not sure that the events (can) take place and therefore buy fewer tickets. Not only do we notice it, most smaller organizers and bands notice it: tours are canceled, concerts are canceled due to a lack of prior reservation. All of this is more than understandable to both sides. We make every effort with our booking and we still hope that we will meet the guests’ tastes and possibly motivate them to buy tickets. “

What can visitors expect on Saturday? What bands are playing?

“With ‘Culk’ we managed to get one of the most interesting German-speaking post-punk bands selling out in clubs all over Germany. They lyrically hit deeply rooted patriarchal structures. A unique selling point considering that musical style themes are found more often in the 1980s – Bands such as The Slits, X Mal Deutschland and Smile are quasi-colonies, this one started off steeply . Also present: two founding members of the collective! Musically, the band offers a post-punk dance with spoken lyrics. “Yagow” and “Pretty Lightning” have been guests several times. The albums were released during the pandemic, no gigs, so we are all the more pleased to be hosting Pretty Lightning for the first show in a long time! “

What are you planning for the coming period?

“In particular:” Levin Goes Lightly “will play on September 22, 2022 at the Meier Karate Club,” Plattenbau “on October 1, 2022 at the same venue. Additionally, we have ideas and possible plans. If all goes to plan, a real winter surprise awaits us! “

Where can I find out about future events?

“Preferably via Instagram and Facebook. If you go through Saarbrücken, with a bit of luck, you can also discover our posters in the right places! ”

How can I support you?

“By coming to our concerts and supporting the bands. We “work” 100 percent non-profit, everything goes into the hands of artists. This means a lot of volunteering for us. Thinking seriously, the greatest help would be a kind of “club house”: two or three halls where we could organize concerts, our own location – the shark tank. However, this requires funding and / or support from official sites. We have so far dismissed it as wishful thinking and let us not raise too much hope, although the huge vacancy rate in Saarbrücken actually offers more than ample opportunities.

Dear Shark Blood Collective, thank you very much for this nice interview and I wish you a successful summer emerging party.

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