XXL concert with Robbie Williams in Munich – pleasure or frustration?

XXL concerts with sometimes high ticket prices spark a lot of conversation in Munich: after Andreas Gabalier with 90,000 visitors and Helene Fischer with 130,000 visitors, the third major open-air event is coming this weekend. British singer Robbie Williams will perform at the exhibition grounds in Riem this Saturday. This time a good 90,000 people are expected.

The Austrian organizer Leutgeb Entertainment Group is responsible for all three mega concerts. Three times a month such an attractive event with sometimes high ticket prices – for the organizers of the concert in Munich, of course, a competition: “After all, this is a real development that cannot be reversed” – says Patrick Oginski, head of the Association of Munich cultural organizers BR. “For hits like Bruce Springsteen, like Coldplay, maybe Rammstein, the road is still endless.”

High cost pressure: “The industry is groaning”

There are currently two events in the industry in Munich: on the one hand, mega-events are taking place that take away a lot of purchasing power from people, according to Oginski in “KultWelt” on the Bayern 2 case. On the other hand, smaller and medium-sized concerts suffer from oversupply and at the same time high cost pressure. “The industry is groaning. There are certainly the first shows that are canceled due to the lack of staff, ”says Ogiński.

However, according to Ogiński, there are discussions among the organizers of concerts in Munich not only because of the number of important events, according to Ogiński: The organizer of the Leutgeb concert wanted to organize a concert with the Rammstein band at Munich’s Theresienwiese on New Year’s Eve – before the record – a crowd of 145,000 people.

The city of Munich has decided to make Theresienwiese Leutgeb available. “We were concerned that one organizer had a priority,” said Ogiński. Members of his interest group had asked for the Theresienwiese in the past too – in vain. “The economic specialist more or less complained that we didn’t come up with any ready-made concepts. It was the same there in Leutgeb, there was no concept. Nevertheless, the city council gave General OK. Even if Leutgeb later canceled the concert unexpectedly, Ogiński is demanding equal rights for everyone.

Fan frustration with the sale of Robbie Williams tickets

At mega events that actually take place, the organization doesn’t always go smoothly: at Helene Fischer’s performance last Saturday, numerous VIP ticket holders complained about the organization and later shared videos on social media like fans upset with catering issues, long distances or bad seats .

Even at the upcoming Robbie Williams concert, there is already frustration among some fans, as reported in the Munich evening newspaper. The division of the fan zones in front of the stage is of course completely different now than in the case of booking a ticket – instead of three runs there is suddenly only one. Fans with such cards feared that it would mean a worse view of the Superstar. According to the evening paper, the organizer of Leutgeb spoke of the original “outline, which is intended only for orientation”.

Bottlenecks expected after leaving the concert

Getting to and from the Robbie Williams concert on Saturday can be difficult. The organizer explains on several web pages how to get to its premises in front of the stage at the exhibition center in Riem. Free parking spaces can sometimes be found across the city – at BMW am Hart, in the north of Munich or at the Volksfestplatz in Unterföhring.

If you want to use public transport, you should know that the main route between Ostbahnhof and Hackerbrücke is closed on weekends due to track renewal. Although MVG wants to use additional metro lines, it warns of bottlenecks, especially when exiting. This is “temporary overload and longer waiting times”. The Messestadt Ost underground station will be closed on departure, trains only run from Messestadt West. However, it will be closed as soon as the platform is full. Saturday evening will show what the results will be.

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