A new chance for a concert on New Year’s Eve? This proposal makes the fans smile

Rammstein Olympic Stadium concert dpa / Rammstein / Jens Koch

In recent weeks, there has been a lot of turmoil around Rammstein: Berlin rockers were to play an XXL concert on New Year’s Eve at Munich’s Theresienwiese with a total of 145,000 fans to kick off the new year. There was only one problem: there was a fierce argument in Munich about whether such a New Year’s Eve concert was a really good idea, then the organizer stepped back – and the band eventually denied that they had agreed to it at all. In all these troubles, a completely different institution is now speaking …

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The idea for the New Year’s Eve concert hit the headlines a few weeks ago. However, concerns were raised, among others, by the security authorities of the city of Munich. So there is no time for a good security concept. In addition, there were doubts as to whether there would be enough folders for such a large event on the busiest party night of the year – and the thought that 150,000 people would merge in downtown Munich after midnight did not raise enthusiasm either. At the same time, however, counting on an abundance of advertising for the city of Munich.

An absurd suggestion? Rammstein will play a concert in Hattingen

But then the organizer stepped back. Reason: In fact, the remaining time to develop a security concept is too short. The band’s announcement caused even more confusion.

“It is true that the team had a fundamental request for this, not for Theresienwiese but for the Munich exhibition center,” said a team spokesman. “There was neither a final commitment on the part of the team nor an event contract.” This means that the musicians around frontman Till Lindemann did not agree at all.

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Now another institution is fighting for the New Year’s Eve concert for Zoff: the local branch of the satirical party Die Party in Hattingen. In a statement on the website, the association urges the city to organize a Rammstein concert. “After lousy cancellations to a concert like this in Munich and Essen, Hattingen now offers a unique opportunity as the band currently has no space for the planned New Year’s Eve concert,” he says.

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Cooling down is a must!  Frontman Rammstein Till Lindemann at a concert in Aarhus.
Cooling down is a must! Frontman Rammstein Till Lindemann at a concert in Aarhus. Rammstein / Paul Harries

Now it’s important to be quick and “catch the opportunity by the bangs.” Because: A concert like this will surely “attract a few tourists to Hattingen”. Besides, the concert would make private New Year’s Eve fireworks superfluous, after all, Rammstein likes to play with fire.

Instead of Hattingen, a Rammstein concert should be organized

“Not to mention the cultural value of such an event and the prestige that urban marketing can regain in one fell swoop.” Organizing such a concert should therefore be commissioned to the city.

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As a reminder: Hattingen is located in North Rhine-Westphalia, borders the cities of Wuppertal, Essen and Bochum and is the second largest city in the Ennepe-Ruhr district. About 55,000 people live here – the number of viewers at the planned New Year’s Eve concert would therefore be almost three times greater than the number of residents.

The only open-air stadium is the RELAXGAS sports facility in Wildhagen, managed by the TuS Hattingen sports club. Rammstein has yet to make any known statement on the party’s proposal. Rammstein musicians are currently on their way to continue their current America tour.

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