Brandenburger Verbraucherzentrale sues Disney ++ Doctors concert in Berlin canceled ++ Storms are raging across the country

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Movies, series, sports, music, audiobooks – now you can stream almost anything anywhere, anytime, so you can personalize your TV and music programs. Costs should – that’s how they advertise streaming provider at least – to be and manageable, the collection of monthly payments happens more or less randomly. The Cottbus case now shows that it is not bad to take a closer look.

Streaming platform client Disney + suddenly faced a significant increase in prices. He was going to pay a huge 30% surcharge on his annual subscription, so he turned it on Brandenburg Consumer Center a. This then put the terms of use under a microscope and led to the conclusion that there was “a clear breach of statutory provisions”.

And now? After Disney failed to respond to a warning from a consumer advisory center, consumer ombudsmen prefer it Court. Because: Disney reserves the right to unilaterally and unlimitedly change prices, which prevents the consumer from estimating possible price increases when concluding the contract. My colleague Torsten Gellner made a summary.

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The most important news at a glance

Brandenburg’s kindergartens and schools have to adapt to higher food prices

Food prices are soaring. Caterers in schools and kindergartens are also insisting on price increases. Will there be a limited offer soon? Read now

Brandenburg’s consumer center is suing Disney

Consumer defenders fight against a global corporation. Cottbuser got a solid price increase for Disney + of almost 30 percent. The consumer advisory center then looked at the terms of use – and was surprised. Read now

Heavy thunderstorms and downpours on Friday in Brandenburg – it will also be unpleasant at the weekend

In Brandenburg, temperatures will drop over the weekend. But severe thunderstorms are also commonplace. Read more about the weather forecast for the coming days here.

A violent storm slows down Die Ęrzte: concert canceled

The first of three doctors’ concerts was to be held on Friday evening at the former Tempelhof airport. It was canceled at the last minute for security reasons. Read now

Glued to painting: the climate activist is now facing prison

Climate activists from the “last generation” have recently become attached to the paintings. Maja Winkelmann (24) is now threatened with arrest. He now has experience with police arrest. He says: Prison is less of an evil than a climate catastrophe. Read now

Reports and Stories from Brandenburg

The well-being of children in the Neuruppin kindergarten is at stake: The parents’ council calls for consequences

After the head and her deputy were dismissed from the Neuruppin kindergarten in Eichhörnchen on suspicion that they were threatening the child’s well-being, the county kindergarten’s parents’ advisory board is demanding quick explanations, personal consequences and more. Read now

Freyenstein: On the way to the first corner store in Brandenburg

Freyensteiner Local Advisory Board wants to launch a new type of local supply. However, for this to happen, a specific goal must be achieved. The mayor is optimistic: “Let’s try.” Read now

Plagiarism detection: not worth copying in TH Brandenburg

Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg and Franziska Giffey have already dealt with the plagiarism scandal, but this must be prevented in advance at the University of Technology in Brandenburg on the Havel. Read now

Brandenburg an der Havel: no more long-distance tickets at the main station from December

The travel center at Brandenburg an der Havel main station will remain when Odeg takes over the RE 1 route from Deutsche Bahn in December. But those who travel far will no longer receive personal advice. Read now

What else happened?

No more “Winnetou” movies in the first

The “Winnetou” movies have long been part of a German TV show, but it’s over. ARD no longer shows Karl May films – but the prevailing debate on racism cannot be blamed. Read now

Moderna is suing Biontech and Pfizer for patent infringement

The American company Moderna is suing the Mainz-based corona vaccine producer Biontech and its American partner Pfizer for patent infringement. It is about the development of corona vaccines. Read now

Satyry Magazine promotes Patricia Schlesinger as the director of “Titanic”.

Anyone who has suffered the damage need not worry about ridicule: the satirical magazine “Titanic” made the fired former RBB boss Patricia Schlesinger an offer that she cannot refuse. You can read about it in the September issue, which is now available in stores. Read now

Possible Group D: Union Berlin is lucky to lose in the Europa League

A draw in Istanbul gave FC Union Berlin real opponents in the Europa League group stage – the Bundesliga football club will start on September 8. Read now

Council of the day

The writer Jan Factor has organized his experiences and thoughts as a “loser.”

As a Czech in East Berlin, Jan Factor experienced the GDR from a very personal perspective. His new novel, Trottel, is autobiographical again. And it was on the long list for the German Book Prize. Read now

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