FC Geesdorf does not take away the joy in the Bayern league

The match that counted in 1. FC Geesdorf to the club’s first ever victory in the Bayern league continues. Even in the ninth attempt, the Geesdorfers did not manage to get the desired three, even though it looked like a moment before the break.

SC Eltersdorf fell down in the game 1: 2 (1: 2) on Friday evening against the Regional League, FC once again left the field empty-handed. The match started promisingly from the hosts’ point of view. The strong left offensive combination brought Geesdorfer’s early lead. Vincent Held passed the ball to Simon Weiglein, who ran with him, who stepped inside ahead of the baseline where Fabio Feidel was standing in front of the goal and pushed the ball over the line (11 ‘).

Geesdorf struggles with a penalty that has not been awarded

It was a tailor-made start that strengthened Geesdorfer’s confidence that the evening could be a success. They could not defend themselves against Middle Franconia from Erlangen, who finished third in the table and after four wins in a row with a lot of confidence, but overall the hosts were stable and according to Simon Weiglein they should Played in the sixteenth after an alleged foul Yasir Aldijawi also had to receive penalty kick.

But the referee decided in this controversial scene against the hosts that he had seen Aldijawi foul. So Geesdorf had little chance of scoring the second goal from the penalty spot. It seemed that the moment they had just avoided a possible second goal conceded by the referee’s grace was the first spark for Eltersdorfer, who had been lethargic so far.

The visitors already had more ball possession and showed a higher passing pace, but didn’t develop much, which was attractive from the front. This was the case until Julian Konrad hit the far corner to level up (37 ‘). Then it became clear that the Geesdorfer structure is now also fragile after eight games without a win and four defeats in a row.

After conceding goals, Geesdorf is harmless at the front

Only after a minute did it take Eltersdorf to get the result on his side. Tobias Herzner, standing unguarded in the middle position in front of the goal, only had to push a cross from the right into the net (38 ‘).

The two quickly conceded goals didn’t disappoint as FC didn’t manage to make much ahead of the game, as Simon Weiglein explained after the game: “You also have to realize that we are against a really strong opponent who was strong last year, he was in the league regional. There is a difference.

This time Geesdorfer focused on defense from the very beginning and would still have to learn “how to develop a more penetrating offensive force”. Nevertheless, Weiglein assessed his performance positively: “We were close to taking something with us. Thanks to this performance, we can definitely be successful against weaker teams than Eltersdorf. ”

Ultimately, the difference between climbers and heirs

The assessment of the footballers’ coach Jannik Feidel was similar. He saw “a big leap forward” from previous games, including a 7-1 at Donaustauf. This time his team realized their plan to the end, it was tighter and gave the opponent less chances than before. “But in the end there was a difference in quality,” Feidel noted.

“We have to be bolder in the next few games and we need more scenes like 1-0 which we played very well,” he said, describing Geesdorf’s attack pattern. “The first victory has to come soon,” he concluded. The next opportunity is next Friday, September 2, at TSV Kornburg (19:00).

Game stats

Football, Northern Bavarian League, men

1. FC Geesdorf – SC Eltersdorf 1: 2 (1: 2).

Geesdorf: Weid – Bäuerlein, Aldijawi, Weiglein, Häfner (42nd Emperor), Held, Münzberg, Jannik Feidel, Fabio Feidel, Kuhn, Schlarb.

Eltersdorf: Akbakla – Bär, Löblein, Schaffors, Egerer, Konrad (Strobel 83), Göbhardt, Fischer (Massari 61), Herzner (Um 89), Stark (Schmittschmitt 71), Renner.

Judge: Fisherman (Ebermannsdorf)

viewers: 100

Gates: 1: 0 Fabio Feidel (11th), 1: 1 Julian Konrad (37th), 1: 2 Tobias Herzner (38th).

Source: sfo

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