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Songs about home, love and life: On Friday, Kastelruther Spatzen from South Tyrol created a great atmosphere at Naturtheater Bad Elster.

Bad Elster.

As soon as Norbert Rier, Albin Gross, Rüdiger Hemmelmann, Karl Heufler, Kurt Dasser, Valentin Silbernagl and Walter Mauroner entered the stage and picked up the instruments, the mood in a wide circle was unleashed.

It didn’t bother me that a moment later the question “Will the weather hold or not?” the rain answered. Vocalist and band leader Norbert Rier: “We have been dry for so long and missed the water from above – but why now?”

It does not matter, because fans of folk music and, above all, older people got their money on Friday, which can be taken literally, because grandma had to knit a lot for the entry fee. In times when there are problems everywhere, you need to clear your head, open your mind and not waste your thoughts on the beautiful sides of life, all the more enjoy the hours of lightness.

Kastelruther Spatzen has loyal fans in Vogtland

“After the Corona Theater to the Naturtheater. A wonderful building and we are happy to be here, ”concluded Norbert Rier. Over two hours of concerts showed why Kastelruther Spatzen from South Tyrol are so popular, why they are celebrated and why they have had a loyal following in Vogtland for almost 40 years.

Songs and texts such as “Home is a big word, home is the most beautiful place”, “Friendship of gold”, “Monte Amore”, “Break the shackles of your loneliness”, “You can build castles from ruins”, “A herd of proud horses is my kingdom. “,” South Tyrolean Rose “,” For Life “or when Norbert Rier in” Feuervogel, flieg “sang tenderly about old Franz sitting on a bench and looking at his mountains and thinking about what it was like when his wife – you just touched them, recalled memories of your own life or holiday in South Tyrol.

Yes, Kastelruther Spatzen let the merriment and good mood fly through the sold-out natural theater, speaking from the heart of the audience “We will grow old later” and “It’s not hard to love you.”

Several men in appropriate skins or hats came, women waved flashing colored lights, cell phones for photos were constantly on the move, and a few pairs high up even dared to dance.

He sang and swayed. Lovely evening – despite the rain. And if you can’t get enough of the music, you can get plenty at the trading booth.

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