Lots of fun, one concern

Along with Splatoon, Nintendo introduced a new IP address in 2015. Colorful gunman quickly flourished in hitand Splatoon 2 didn’t wait long. Fans and critics praised the smooth gameplay, great music, and fun gameplay. Now we’re going to release Splatoon 3, so we can do it exclusive switch game even try it live and in color on Nintendo. You can find out if the color battle is just as fun as its predecessors in ours Announcement!

First, we played a classic Turf War Modewhere the goal is to color the arena as colorful as possible with our octopus ink. At the same time, we’re removing opponents so they can’t do this. So far so good something must be new, right? Sure, we’ve fought on new maps that seem fairly balanced at least at first glance.

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