“Medlz” can’t wait to “party with Duderstadt”

Duderstadt. Thanks to Medlz’s performance, the Sunday festival “Kultur im Kreis” once again brings an extraordinary cultural event to Duderstadt. From 18:00 in Stadtpark on the LNS website you can hear female singing “with bass and beat”, as promised by the musicians. Before the concert, Medlz answered questions about their sound, outdoor concerts and personal musical preferences.

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During the festival, “Kultura w kręgu” brings together many artists under one roof in various, sometimes unusual places. How would you describe your music yourself?

Medlz: Most say what we like to do “a cappella”. We prefer to call it “voice, bass, beat”. Because we like to use a few percussion instruments and an effect device that makes one of our voices sound an octave lower. As a female band we also have bass and beats with us. Ultimately, our primary concern is that the audience is entertained. How nice when you can just switch off for two hours? This is what we mean. At best, people go home and can laugh, cry, play and sing at the concert.

What will the viewers hear? You titled “(that) works with us” from “Soundtrack of our life”: Why?

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For this show, we’ve all rummaged deep into CD wrappers, playlists, and heads to find out which songs really shaped us or have been with us all our lives, or which we’ve always felt we absolutely must play and bring to the stage. You’ll find everything from children’s songs to Sting’s Desert Rose and Söhne Mannheim’s Geh aus to Insomnia.

That sounds exciting. You obviously come from very different musical backgrounds and in private you like different genres. How do you choose one another when choosing a piece – i: What can be rejected in a choice?

After such an idea is born, everyone first collects songs that they can imagine. Then we send letters to each other and listen to everything first. After so many years, you can quickly sense which songs might suit us and which audiences will like them. We agree fairly quickly in most cases. But of course there are always many, many songs that don’t make it to the show. We always make sure there is a lot of variety and that the program doesn’t have too many ballads. Sometimes it is sad for an individual (because every singer loves to sing ballads), but in the end you have to limit yourself to the length of one concert and make decisions in the interest of the audience. Because, as already mentioned above, our main concern is that guests have an evening that they will not forget in their rush and that really entertains them.

The concert in Duderstadt is planned outdoors, on the large tent stage in the city park. What is the difference between a concert in a room with neat rows of chairs and what is now planned, with families sitting on the grass and children playing on a ladder?

In fact, you always have to be a bit prepared for the outdoors. When we play in the theater, light can immediately create moods and transport people to other worlds. Of course, at an open-air concert, it is possible only after some time. Also in the theater, nothing distracts from what is happening on stage. It is also different in the open air. But we love it both outside and inside. Outside, the audience is usually livelier and comes out quicker. Eye contact also plays a role. In the theater, you often don’t see anyone from the third row, because the room is dark. If you play outdoors, you can see all the beaming, happy faces that are amazing to cheer you up on stage and in front of it. And of course, dancing is much faster. Most people don’t dare to do it indoors. Anyway, we are looking forward to the joint party with Duderstadt.

This is not your first time in the region, for example you have been to Northeim on the “Heimspiel” tour if I was well informed? Do you know the district of Göttingen a little? What do you associate with it?

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We remember Northeim very well. It was a really fun, fun concert back then. Unfortunately, on the tour you usually only see where you are playing and the hotel. We rarely have time to visit. Therefore, we cannot really say much about the district of Göttingen. But we are always received very, very warmly. But a few years ago we were in a kind of “holiday camp” near Göttingen with a cappella colleagues from all over Germany. There is almost no competition or jealousy in this scene. We are all a bigger family and we look forward to meeting you. But unfortunately you don’t always have that much time together when you meet at double shows. This is how the idea of ​​the camp was born. It was a wonderful, exuberant two days with the guys from Maybebop, Wise Guys, Viva Voce, LaLeLu and anyone else in the middle of Germany.

Tickets for the concert in Duderstadt are still available from the box office at the entrance.

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