Understand Fun Today: These are movies about guests and jokes

For Do you understand fun? – special” is it enabled August 27, 2022 to Berchtesgadener and Salzburger Land. Barbara Schöneberger presents summer edition great saturday night and has the funniest 20 cinema with a hidden camera z last year on this. Among them there are many attractions in which celebrities either maniac they were on duty or were lured into a trap themselves.

  • When runs “Do you understand fun?”?
  • Will the show in ARD media library available?
  • who they are Guests?
  • Who is the host of the program?

All information about the summer edition of “Do you understand the fun?” in August can be found here in the overview.

“Do you understand the fun?”: Airing dates, airing times and repeats

After a successful start in the spring, moderator Barbara Schöneberger is now stepping into the third edition with “Do you understand fun?”. On Saturday, August 27, 2022 “Special“to prime-time hours in first shown. Other dates for the performance have already been set. Whether and when the transmission repeated is currently unknown.

These are (probably) the date of issue and air time With “Understanding the fun” 2022:

  • August 27, 2022 at 8.15 p.m. in the first
  • August 27, 2022 at 20.15 at ORF
  • 08/10/2022 at 8.15 p.m. in the first
  • 12/17/2022 at 8.15 pm in the first

Do you understand fun? – Special?” Look for this in the ARD media library

Did you miss the program? If you want to see “Do you understand fun?” After broadcasting on TV, you’re in luck. this whole episode the program is online at streaming for disposal. It is available Video after charisma 30 days in ARD media library. Is there a program on TV? repeated is unknown.

Here are the guests and their pranks in a special episode

In the summer edition, the host Barbara Schöneberger presents the funniest hidden camera films from last year. The artist welcomes many celebrities Guestswhich partially like decoys they were on the road and were partially led out onto the slippery ice. You can see who will be there on Saturday 27 August 2022 here:

  • Horst Lights: TV Chef Horst lights he has an appointment with a renowned automotive magazine and is to pose in his classic car. But no one on site knows about the appointment and there is no trace of his beloved vehicle.
  • Amira Pocher i Oliver Pocher: For a comedian, his worst influential nightmare comes true when he and his wife Amira are invited to join their brother Ibrahim and his supposedly new girlfriend Maria. Maria is an influencer and ready to do almost anything for her followers that Oliver Pocher hates – from fake filter shots to questionable advertising offers …
  • Chris Tall: Golf listens to the comedian Chris the Tall having fun. Along with former professional footballer Norbert Dickel, he and Michael form a three at a charity golf tournament – reportedly the new main sponsor of a charity event, but in fact the ‘Do you understand the fun?’ It turns out to be a character that takes a lot of getting used to.
  • tahnee: As the voice of the intelligent “KI-ARA” office system, the comedian drives temporary workers in a state-of-the-art architecture office to the brink of madness. The assistant turns out to be completely unpredictable and quickly drives unsuspecting temporary staff to the brink of a nervous breakdown.
  • Black Forest rapper Coss: As teachers, Lara Otterbach and Ronny Dittmar once ran their class on a slippery hill in search of a hidden camera with a dummy test. Now students can pay them off. The planned class trip escalates when a police officer known as the Black Forest rapper Cossu confronts them with the deeds of his students.
  • Classic with Thomas Gottschalk and Mike Krüger: On the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of the films “Supernasen”, there is also the classic “Do you understand the fun?” with Thomas Gottschalk and Mike Krüger. During the filming of “Zwei Nasen tanken Super,” they are both caught at a pit stop from which there is no escape and which ultimately ends with an alcohol test.

“Do you understand the fun?”: Tickets

For fans of “Do you understand that fun?” is the highlight of the presence at the exhibition in Studio get involved. Both for Exhibition in October as well as in December pre-sale of tickets starts on August 21, 2022. cards are available online at tvtickets.de. According to the website, there is a maximum of four per appointment tickets can be booked. It counts minimal age from 6 years.

Is the program live or recorded?

It goes without saying that the hidden camera videos are not live, but were shot beforehand. But what about the Saturday night show? Is live stream is it one recording? There is no definitive answer to this as it varies from program to program. Both transmissions in June, August and December of this year approx documentation. This last broadcast will take place on October 6, 2022. recorded. On the other hand, “Do you understand fun?” October 8, 2022 live outside Berlin-Adlershof Sent. According to the SWR website, changes may be reserved.

Barbara Schöneberger is the presenter of “Do you understand the fun?”

She is one of the most popular presenters and animators in Germany: Barbara Schoenenberger. In April 2022, she presented the program for the first time after losing a long-time presenter He replaced Guido Cantz would have. With her, after more than 30 years, the woman again presents the classics of entertainment. “For me, this new task on Saturday night is a childhood dream come true. Even as a little girl, I was sitting in front of the TV and I loved Paola and Kurt Felix! ”She said before her premiere as hostess.

Detailed information about Barbara Schöneberger can be found in her portrait.

These were the previous moderators

“Do you understand fun?” is known to millions of viewers. The Saturday night program has long been an integral part of television entertainment. A number of TV stars, such as Harald Schmidt and Dieter Hallervorden, have their show in after moderated. Anyone who has already presented the program, see you here at Moderator review:

  • Kurt Feliks (1980-1990)
  • Paola Feliks (1983-1990)
  • Karl Dall (1983-1990)
  • Harold Schmidt (1992-1995)
  • Dieter Hallervorden (1996-1997)
  • Czerno Jobatey (1998-2022)
  • Frank Elstner (2002-2009)
  • Guido Cantz (2010-2021)

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