Weather: Risk of bad weather on Saturday 27th August. in Berlin and Brandenburg – heavy rains, floods and storms

Berlin and Brandenburg have not been bypassed by the storm yet. According to the German Weather Service (DWD), sustained warm, humid air will also be there Saturday (August 27) cause thunderstorms and heavy rains.

It appears sporadically in the morning and becomes more frequent during the day strong thunderstorm with heavy rain (15 to 25 liters per square meter) In a short period of time to give. Occasionally there are also gusts of wind with a speed of about 75 km / h and hailstorms. DWD warns of heavy but locally limited heavy rain (40 to 50 liters per square meter). Sometimes even larger amounts of water are possible, which can lead to: local floods come on.

The weather remains unpleasant until Sunday evening. The storm died down after midnight.

Die Ęrzte concert in Berlin according to the current state (9.50) in the evening take place as planned, announces the organizer. Friday’s concert was canceled due to a storm.

+++ Update 11.40 Schlossparknacht in Oranienburg canceled +++

The biggest summer event, Schlossparknacht, was canceled in Oranienburg due to the threat of a storm. The summer in the old town of Zehdenick was also canceled. What Ticket Holders Need To Know Now.

+++ Update 10.50 No major storm damage in Brandenburg +++

The Friday storm flooded many cellars in Brandenburg and caused branches to fall. There was serious damage according to the police, but on Friday and Saturday not at the beginning. in Potsdamer Sacred On Saturday morning, a motorcyclist hit a fallen tree on Bundesstraße 2 and was slightly injured, a police spokesman said. In Wandlitz them Barnim County According to the control center, the fire department was deployed 181 times from Friday to Saturday morning, mainly due to flooding of buildings.

On Highway 24 in the Ostprignitz-Ruppin district there was an aquaplaning accident but no one was injured. At Neuruppin (Ostprignitz-Ruppin), the water entered the sports center. In Wustermark in Havelland The fire department was deployed almost 80 times because of the storm, said a spokesman for the control center. There the cellars were full and small branches were falling. In the Elstal district of Wustermark, the street at Designer Outlet Berlin was temporarily flooded.

+++ Update 9.45 Berlin fire brigade prepared for further assault operations +++

After heavy rain on Friday night Berlin Fire Department prepared for possible further assault operations. An emergency weather condition was announced for around three hours on Friday evening to be able to mobilize enough forces in an emergency.

This is rare at the moment 80 weather missions given, a spokesman said Saturday. Therefore, in most cases, private cellars had to be pumped out. On the other hand, damage from the storm, such as broken branches, was limited. “It was quieter than expected, but we are prepared,” said a spokesman.

From August 26

On Friday, August 26, the weather over Berlin and Brandenburg shows a very unpleasant side. As the German weather service (DWD) announced on Twitter on Thursday, this could be especially in the Northeast and East of Germany – and thus also over Berlin and Brandenburg – for thunderstorms with heavy rainstorms come on.

According to DWD, this applies to larger regions. “Harsh weather, but only very local”, says in a tweet. “Especially high up there flooding risk.

+++ Update 19:10 Federal President cancels the public festival +++

Due to the storm, federal president Steinmeier also canceled a public festival in the Bellevue Palace park. The event has been awaited for three years. Now the federal president said, “This won’t work for today.” This event was a failure, so to speak.

+++ Update 18:40 Wandlitz reports severe damage +++

From the afternoon, heavy storms and thunderstorms fall over Barnim, causing the mass deployment of fire brigades. The municipality of Wandlitz has been particularly hard hit so far. According to Mayor Oliver Borchert, there were already more than 80 operations in the municipality by 6 p.m. only. And there will probably be more.

+++ Update 15:15 Doctors concert in Berlin canceled +++

Due to heavy rain and severe weather warnings, the concert of “Die Ęrzte” in Berlin was canceled. Bela B’s drummer addresses fans on Instagram.
Die Ęrzte originally wanted to play at the former Tempelhof airport on Friday night. It should be a prelude to a total of three band concerts at Tempelhofer Feld in Berlin.
According to the organizer, the concert was canceled for security reasons. Many concert guests have already been there and have been asked to leave the premises and remain calm.

Heavy rain is flooding Berlin. According to DWD, rainfall between 30 l / m² and 50 l / m² can be expected. The warning is valid until approximately 4:00 PM.

+++ Update 13:45 There is an official severe weather warning for the region around Neuruppin +++

The storm over Brandenburg continues to have a strong impact on the Ostprignitz-Ruppin County. An official severe weather warning has appeared in the city of Neuruppin. This also applies to Potsdam and parts of Berlin. Warnapp-Nina now points out that reports are sometimes not displayed correctly due to a technical glitch. Therefore, alerts are also sent for regions that have not been subscribed by users.

+++ Update 12:47 Warnings now especially in the Kremmen +++ area

Although warnings have been lifted in some places, caution is now advised in the event of severe storms in the Kremmen area.

+++ Update 12:30 Alerts partially lifted +++

Soon after the official warning for North Brandenburg, it was lifted again. Cancellation applies to both of the above warnings extreme thunderstorms as well as severe thunderstorms in the region of Neustadt (Dosse).

+++ Update 12:10 warning of extreme storms in Kyritz and Neustadt (Dosse) +++

Warnapp Nina warns of extremely violent storms and heavy hail rains for the region around Kyritz. There is an official warning of severe weather conditions. Inhabitants of the affected region must watch out for falling roof tiles or branches and close windows and doors. In addition, there is a risk landslides, lightning strikes and floods.

Already since noon first escalating storm actions are possible in the Berlin-Brandenburg region, DWD announced on its website Friday morning. There is an extreme amount of rain more than 40 liters per square meter not excluded in the short term.

Nina warning app warns of thunderstorms and heavy rains in the city from around 10 a.m. Ostprignitz-Ruppin region. There are also warnings for gusts of wind and hail in the area.

The weather service shows one of the many model mileages:

The warning video also has details. DWD meteorologist Felix Dietzsch explains the expected strong heat load and the announced storm situation due to local heavy storms with heavy rain. Weather information is from Friday, August 26, 11:00 am.
Thunderstorms and heavy rains - basement water, flooded street - where fire brigades were needed

There are many pink areas on the warning map. This means we can expect tremendous thermal stress again on Friday, ”says Felix Dietzsch in a DWD warning video on YouTube. This is especially true of the northern center and the eastern part of the country – Berlin and Brandenburg lie in the middle of a pink area. “It’s because of the steamy mass of hot air that is there.” According to Dietzsch, thunderstorms with heavy rain will again appear in this mass of air on Friday.

Thunderstorms and heavy rain over Berlin and Brandenburg on Friday 26 August.

The rainfall until Saturday morning (August 27) can be very heavy – but just “crumbled dough”. Until now, it was only possible to give a rough indication of where these large amounts of rain fall. “Unfortunately, the exact locations cannot be predicted exactly,” said the DWD meteorologist. The “uneven area” lies to the east of Bremen and Hanover. It would be with that In addition to Berlin and Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia are also affected, as well as Franconia in the north of the Bavarian Free State.

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In a short time, therefore, maybe There are 20 to 40 liters of rainwater per square meter. “Sometimes much more.” There is a “local risk of flooding”: it is not only streets and cellars that are flooded with rainwater. The DWD meteorologist warns that smaller streams could also rip apart their shores locally.

Other meteorologists also talk about the “precarious situation” on Friday, August 26:

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