Clueso concert in the cathedral square: Thousands of mobile phones light up for the finale | Erfurt

Clueso concert in the cathedral square: Thousands of cell phones light up for the finale

27/08/2022, 23:28

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For about two and a half hours, Clueso made Erfurt’s Cathedral Square its stage.

Photo: Michael Kremer / SnapArt

For about two and a half hours, Clueso made Erfurt’s Cathedral Square its stage. Where he usually buys vegetables from market stalls and sits across the street in a cafe, he is now bursting with joy: “My dear, my hometown,” he called out to the audience.

Four times in two weekends, Erfurt could feel like a musical metropolis: doctors treated the cathedral square with punk rock for two evenings, and then Roland Kaiser performed in royal pop style against the backdrop of the cathedral square. The grand finale of the summer arena: the home game for Clueso in the Erfurt showroom. Where he usually buys vegetables, the musician puts on a show lasting over two hours, at the end of which a sea of ​​cell phone lights illuminated the square in a romantic way.


In an interview about his tour, he already said that after the outbreak of the pandemic, the concerts will be exceptional. On Saturday, he tries very hard to make his prophecy come true. But you could also say that what he calls “magical scenery” and playing in his own hometown is something special for him. The 42-year-old is professional enough not to overly display his own excitement, even though his voice trembles with the opening titles, wearing black pants, white sneakers, a white T-shirt under a blue and black jacket, and a silver chain around his throat.

his guests

At the start in 2017 with guests like Wolfgang Niedecken, Romano, Chefket and Kat Frankie as supporters at a concert at Domplatz, Clueso brings two good friends from South Africa’s Sing meine Song to Erfurt: singer Lotte, who was on the exchange concert program Cluesos sang the title “Winner” and turned it into a goosebump moment, takes the stage as a support for Clueso. Martin Hübner, brother of Clueso, and saxophonist Antonio Lucaciu put the audience in the mood. Together with Elif he sings the joint hit “Mond”. Another guest of the evening: the only 24-year-old singer Mathea from Austria. Their common song: “The Last Song” – with the appropriate line “Every party ends sometime”, “Uh-uh-uh-uh” at the end and an eager audience choir. As a surprise guest even for Clueso, Kelvin Jones suddenly appears next to him on stage in “Tanzen” – also comrade-in-arms, singing my song.


Eight-piece and in a good mood, with Tim Neuhaus’s euphoric percussion to the dynamic rhythm, three wind instruments (Antonio Lucaciu, Konstantin Dösen and Antonia Hausmann), two guitars (René Mühlberger and Deniz Erarslan), a bass (Marlene Lacherstorfer) and a keyboard (Johannes Arzberger). Well attuned to each other – after all, the tour has been going on for several weeks now, you understand blindly. Feat: Tim Neuhaus has been with us since “Gute Musik”.


Clueso opens the concert of around two hours on Friday with the song “Achterbahn” and ends with the song “Heimatstadt” – not the only declaration of love for Erfurt this evening. Then “start again”. With the album of the same title, the musician announced a new musical start in 2016 and a farewell to Zughafen. It follows: “Not an inch”, “37 degrees”, “Airplane mode”, “Dance off the line”, “Love people”. Then he sings “The Moon” from Elif. Then followed “Take a run-up”, “Too fast”, “The most beautiful days”, “Tell me what you want”, “The Last Song” with Mathea, “Cello”, “Together”, “Tanzen” via “Chicago” and “Winner” “as the last piece before the encore. How are “If you love” with Lotte, “Free Spins” and “All in good time”.


After two years of the pandemic, listeners are hungry for live music. 14,000 people in the cathedral square and many onlookers and you don’t have to ask them to “dance” for a long time. Clueso music seems to be the lowest common denominator for everyone under 50 and older. Possibly the oldest visitor is Grandma Clueso, 92 years old. The people of Erfurt in particular followed his career and took “their” Clueso to heart. Here he broke off his hairdressing practice, here you can meet him in his favorite Italian restaurant, in the railway port or in clubs. “I clung to Erfurt and Erfurt to me,” he said in an interview. The development of the city’s prominent son is followed, from his first hip-hop and breakdance ambitions to his first television appearances and endless successes on the charts. Press club, Centrum, Predigerkeller – and now Domplatz. Anyone who didn’t know him before got to know him from the accessible and sensitive side at the “Sing mein Song” exchange concert. No offense: the boyishly charming Clueso simply offers everyone a starting point with its easily digestible German pop.

The most touching moment

Clueso plays “Take a Run” in memory of Horsti’s grandfather, who always encouraged him to try his luck with music. “Horsti, I know you’re here tonight.” Clueso looks up to the sky. In the background, old black and white photos of him and his late grandfather.

After concert

The Clueso has a short trip to its own apartment, a few meters from the Cathedral Square. A bathrobe after all adrenaline at Castel Sant’Angelo? In any case, there will be a meeting with Martin Hübner and DJ Beatova at the turntables after-show. First, Clueso is taking a month off on the “You’ve Always Been There” tour. This will not continue until September 21 in Vienna. This leaves his musicians time for their own projects. For example, for the saxophonist Antonio Lucaciu – who can be seen again on September 4 in Erfurt with Sascha Stiehler and Sarah Lesch – then at Predigerwiese. And from Clueso it is possible to descend in Erfurt on December 28 – for the Christmas concert in the exhibition hall. And if you don’t want to wait that long: you can listen to the entire 2017 Clueso Domplatz concert on YouTube. Recordings of the concert from 2022 are also in a can, currently waiting for their editing.

bottom line

Two hours full of hits, good mood and good moments with an exceptional artist in a unique place. Or to put it in Clueso: “Too early”.

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