“Do you understand fun?” – Pocher to the future sister-in-law: “I don’t know you. I do not care!”

In retrospect, the “Realize that you are having fun” format reminded us that Oliver Pocher thought back then that he could snap his fingers to get 100,000 new followers for the alleged influencer if he wanted to. But Pocher doesn’t feel like it in this particular case. – I do not know you. I don’t give a shit, he growled at his counterpart. Chris Tall also lost his temper at one point on the golf course where a teammate broke his game. After all, this Michael “wasn’t such an asshole.”

Even those who have never been there know that the Berchtesgadener and the Salzburger Land are beautiful. Because Barbara Schöneberger appeared every few minutes on Saturday night in a different respectable corner of both regions.

On the Königssee, in the salt mines, in the Hohenwerfen adventure castle and so on. In between short appearances with questionable lyrics on an impressive backdrop, the 48-year-old has reportedly presented the funniest 20 hidden camera videos from last year. Back then, the repetition program was simply called a special “Do you understand the fun?”

Horst Lichter receives “classic car shock”

Horst Lichter was able to start his passion for vintage cars on Saturday night. The chef and TV presenter once did not allow himself to be asked twice for a photo and an interview in “Motorworld Köln” with a well-known automotive magazine. The star was somewhat surprised that the magazine chose for an interview his vintage car, a silver Opel GT built in 1971 before Lichter.

But there was a bigger problem: when they arrived in Cologne, no one knew anything about the interview. Not to mention the Opel GT, which particularly annoys Lichter. “That would be something, kiss my ass!” Was the beginning of the TV chef’s words. When Lichter’s friend Bernhard, a classic car dealer, calls to tell him that he has just been offered a silver Opel, Lichter panics.

The policemen who have appeared in the meantime ask the famous mustache if he knows anything about these vintage car frauds and if he has carefully looked at what he signed for special transport. Perhaps it was a purchase contract – they continued with the uniform.

“They are not there. The new owner can do whatever he wants with Opel, ”one of the policemen is now painting the devil on the wall. The lights, otherwise rather unpopular, have long lacked words. When, on another phone call with Bernhard, he thinks he has noticed someone hitting his car and thus destroying it, he is truly desperate. But that’s when Guido Cantz enters the hall, honking his horn. “Stupid dog!” Yells Lichter, who immediately recognizes the area and continues unpacking his vocabulary: “Woah, you guys are assholes!”

Lure to high: “What do you do in life?”

Chris Tal’s nerves also had to endure a real stress test. At the charity golf tournament in Dresden, he and former kicker Norbert Dickel must form a team of three with Michael. He is said to be the new main sponsor of the charity, a real pain in the ass and as empathetic as an iron.

“How do you make a living?” Asks the lure, “Do you understand the fun?” at the beginning of Talla, which is certainly not completely unpretentious. He then complains about the placement of Tal’s foot on the tee shots, constantly giving the comedian unnecessary advice and constantly disrupting Tal’s blows by sneezing, coughing and talking to him. “I can’t take people like this seriously,” Tall tells his partner Dickel shortly after. Do you have to be especially nice to him now? Normally I would tear it apart in the air, ”the comedian wants to know.

“You are six people!”

“Just shut up,” said the comedian twenty minutes later of the new “sponsor” who won’t stop giving smart tips but doesn’t play golf any better. “But the problem is not playing golf, the problem is that as a person you have an A,” says Tall, who cannot enjoy the game “because the guy just doesn’t shut up.”

After that, a phone call is requested in the middle of the golf course. At the other end of the line? Of course, Guido Cantz! Tall has to laugh now and immediately addresses the nuisance. “You mean you’re not such an asshole?” He wants to know from her.

Oliver Pocher gets a powerful sister-in-law

After some old movies with unimaginably bad actors and bad scenes after which it is not surprising that the former presenter of “Do you understand the fun?”, Guido Cantz, fled, and the outdated format with Barbara Schöneberger recently fell by half, after Horst Lichter and Chris Tall , Oliver Pocher also has to exercise restraint.

A nightmare of bad influence comes true when he and his wife visit their brother Ibrahim, Hima for short, and his new girlfriend Maria. The meeting where Hima wants to introduce his sister and distinguished brother-in-law, his new love Maria, is unfortunate from the start. Reason: Maria is an influencer.

And Oliver Pocher hates influencers, with whom he has already had to communicate about 200,000 times. Their greedy for likes, photo filtering and questionable advertising offers regularly drive the blonde comedy into the wall, so he cannot hide his dislike of Maria. Especially since he is pretty sure the social media star wants to take advantage of his popularity.

100,000 followers per minute

And indeed: Maria suddenly puts private Poch6 and his wife in a live post to drive traffic to her profile. “What you just did is very embarrassing,” says Pocher without shame. “I thought you would support me,” she replies, which makes her well-known partner especially angry: “Why would I support you? I don’t know you, I don’t give a shit! ”Says Pocher Maria now.

In one minute, he could theoretically get her 100,000 followers, he also lets her know. But he definitely doesn’t want to do that, adds Pocher, before he finds out that Hima and Maria are already engaged. The measure for an outstanding brother-in-law is already full. “It’s impossible,” he says to his wife as Hima and Maria are in the kitchen.

Suddenly, Guido Cantz appears in the living room, which Pocher, who of course knows right away, lets himself start. “Finally, we’ve been working on it for so long. We finally have it, ”says beaming Cantz. Pocher must be laughing now, too, but most of all he is relieved that he will not have an influential sister-in-law.

“Who’s laughing at something like this?”

I think how celebrities react when they meet people who are annoying and pushy is the thing that says, “Are you having a good time?” somehow she stayed alive for years. The fact that the little films before, in between, and simply are no longer up to date can be seen not only in the rankings, but also on social media.

“Somehow I don’t understand the humor ‘You don’t understand the fun.’ Who laughs at something like that? ” Someone wants to know. “As fun as an athlete’s foot,” comments the next event. There is a long way to go to get praise and kind words. But not everyone can change at any time. “I agreed to do a TV review titled” Do you understand the fun? ” to write and I think it was a mistake, “wrote a colleague on Twitter.

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