Monreal: “He helps us play at a concert of the greats”

Lotto – Kern Haus becomes Bora Devo team

Author: Christopher Adamietz

Florian Monreal (Team Lotto – Kern Haus) | Photo: Team Lotto – Kern Haus / Carla Nagel

08/28/2022 | (rsn) – On Sunday morning before the start of the last stage of the Deutschland Tour in Schiltach Bora – hansgrohe announced that the two continental teams Tirol KTM and Lotto – Kern Haus will act as partners in the future of cooperation. asked Lotto team boss Florian Monreal about it.

Mr. Monreal, when were you talking to Bora band principal Ralph Denk about possible collaboration?

Monreal: It was a week after the U23 championship. And we came to an agreement relatively quickly. We both have the same goals, we want to have the best possible drivers in the team. Ralph Denk was looking for a team that could offer a good racing program and found one with us. We also took some risks, for example when it came to our nearly four-week block in Italy at the Baby Giro. It took a large part of the budget. But we were also rewarded for this by working with Bora-hansgrohe.

What do you expect from being an official cooperation development partner in the future?

Monreal: I think this cooperation will make us even more attractive to drivers. If a player decided against us because he preferred to move on to the development team that was affiliated with WorldTeam, this argument no longer applies. For us as Lotto – Kern Haus is a big step that helps us play in a concert of the greats.

How exactly will your cooperation with Bora – hansgrohe look like – can you explain this with an example?

Monreal: A lot will develop there. However, it is conceivable that our drivers would work as apprentices at Bora-hansgrohe or, if they had developed very well, would move there permanently in the summer. But common high-altitude training camps would also be a problem. Our team will also include a coach from Bora – hansgrohe, who can also work as a sports director.

There is another Bora-hansgrohe cooperation partner with Team Tirol. How do you decide which driver goes to which team?

Monreal: It makes decisions about it every year. Of course, the two teams also overlap in the racing calendar, but we also do a lot of races in the Benelux countries so that classic drivers and sprinters can also fit in with us.

Is now Bora – hansgrohe telling you which drivers you need to register with?

Monreal: We are still an independent team and will keep the name of our team. We will not only be the drivers of Team Auto Eder (the U19 youth team from Bora – hansgrohe, ie editor) they oblige, even if some of the best juniors are there. We still keep our eyes and ears open and we are still looking for drivers ourselves. But one thing is also clear: if Bora-hansgrohe sees the potential of the Auto Eder U19 driver to become a professional, then we will take the driver into the team.

Has it already been agreed which Team Auto Eder drivers will wear the Lotto – Kern Haus jerseys next year?

Monreal: Currently, two drivers will come to us. On the one hand, the Luxembourgish Mathieu Kockelmann, on the other, the Estonian Romet Pajur. Kockelmann is the European Junior Time trial champion, Pajur won the Tour of Flanders Under-19 and finished second at Paris-Roubaix.

This means your team will also become more international …

Monreal: Before that, we had a Luxembourger and a Swiss in the team. But we didn’t have an Estonian yet. It will surely make us more international. As a result, communication will often be in English. But we remain a German team with a focus on German drivers but now also with an international touch. We don’t want to lose our identity as a team.

They also repeatedly expressed hope for promotion to the second cycling league. Is the dream of becoming ProTeam over?

Monreal: Absolutely no way. If a sponsor appears and puts the right money on the table, we will go this way. In any case, in recent years, we have laid the infrastructure for this step.

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