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On Saturday, August 27, 2022 Die Toten Hosen and frontman Campino will play a concert at the Bürgerweide in Bremen. © Uwe Anspach / dpa / imago / Montage

On days like these Die Toten Hosen they come to Bremen. On Saturday, August 27, 2022, Campino and company will play at the Bürgerweide in front of the ÖVB Arena.

Bremen – 40 years after their performance at the slaughterhouse, their first official concert ever, Die Toten Hosen, come to Bremen. On Saturday 27 August 2022 Campino, Andi, Kuddel, Breiti and Vom Ritchie will play an open-air concert at the Bürgerweide in front of the ÖVB Arena. Under the slogan “Everything for love – 40 years of Die Toten Hosen”, the quintet is now coming to the Hanseatic city on the occasion of its jubilee tour. provides all important information in advance.

Die Toten Hosen in Bremen: Are there any tickets for the Bürgerweide concert?

Tickets for the Toten Hosen concert at the Bürgerweide in Bremen are now sold out. Tickets are still available from time to time through advertising and ticket portals, but here you can often pay much more than the actual price. The ticket price was € 69.50 in advance.

In addition, the last two concerts of the “Everything for Love – 40 Years of Dead Pants” tour in Konstanz and Minden are also sold out. If you miss a concert in Bremen and you have the means: Die Toten Hosen will perform two concerts again in Buenos Aires, Argentina in October.

Die Toten Hosen in Bremen: Which supporting bands are playing at the concert at Bürgerweide?

Die Toten Hosen will not come to Bremen alone. For a concert in Bürgerweide, Campino and his boys have with them alternative rockers Beatsteaks from Berlin and the London punk band Bob Vylan. The Beatsteaks will start with their set at 18:30.

Die Toten Hosen in Bremen: How to get to the concert at the Bürgerweide?

Here it is basically like a doctors concert at the Bürgerweide in Bremen. Due to the proximity of the main station, it is worth traveling by bus or train. However, the admission ticket to the Toten Hosen concert is not valid as a ticket for local public transport. Alternatively, you can use the € 9 ticket which is valid until the end of August.

Who are Die Toten Hosen?

Like Die Ęrzte, Die Toten Hosen was founded in 1982. The Düsseldorf Quintet has its roots in the German punk movement and has continuously become a permanent institution in the local music landscape. Currently, Campino, Andi, Breiti, Kuddel and Vom Ritchie play numerous tours and concerts at stadiums. On the occasion of the tour “Everything for love – 40 years of Die Toten Hosen” they also stop in Bremen. Toten Hosen’s most famous songs include “Here Comes Alex”, “Make a wish”, “Ten little Jägermeister”, “Bayern”, “Days like this”, “Wannsee” and the current single “All say that”.

However, Toten Hosen fans arriving from Bremen-Nord or Bremerhaven should find out more in advance at or by phone on 0421/59 60 59. Finally, train cancellations and changes to travel times may occur due to track renewal. If you are arriving by car, please note that there is a limited number of public parking spaces directly on the event site. Arrival and departure are via the Holleralle and Theodor-Heuss-Allee tunnel.

Die Toten Hosen in Bremen: When is the introduction to the Bürgerweide?

Admission to the Toten Hosen concert in Bremen is at the two entrances on Theodor-Heuss-Allee and in the Slaughterhouse Courtyard (Skaterplatz) from 4.30pm. Trouser fans who are on the guest list will receive tickets at the Theodor-Heuss-Allee entrance. The concert is scheduled until 23:00. And if you don’t come on time, don’t worry. Admission is possible throughout the duration of the event.

Die Toten Hosen in Bremen: What must be considered when entering?

As with the physicians’ appearance at the Bürgerweide, strict rules also apply to the Toten Hosen concert. Bags and backpacks are generally allowed, but only up to DIN A4 (21 x 29.7 cm). In general, the organizers of the doctor’s concert in Bremen recommend that you keep your luggage to an absolute minimum. In addition, the following are strictly prohibited in the open air on the premises of the facility:

  • large bags, suitcases, baskets or cool bags
  • professional cameras with interchangeable and / or varifocal lenses and all kinds of audio and video recording equipment, lighting and video equipment
  • GoPro cameras and selfie sticks
  • electronic devices such as tablets, laptops and power banks
  • Food and drinks
  • Chairs (camping), stools, picnic blankets
  • Guns, pepper spray, sticks
  • Tools, flashlights, laser pointers
  • Lace umbrellas (small toddlers allowed)
  • All kinds of pyrotechnic articles
  • helmets
  • Keychains and purses and items of clothing fitted with (pointed) rivets or pointed items

In addition, glass containers and bottles, cans, hard packaging or other items that can be used as projectiles (deodorants, perfumes, etc.) are prohibited at the Toten Hosen concert at the Bürgerweide. Pets are also not allowed in the open air. In addition, children under the age of six are not allowed in, even if accompanied by a legal guardian.

Toten Hosen in Bremen: Are there any crown restrictions at the Bürgerweide?

There are no restrictions on the crown per se at the Toten Hosen concert at the Bürgerweide. However, the Senate of Bremen recommends observing distance and hygiene rules, wearing a protective mask and testing for the presence of the coronavirus before major events of this nature. For example, without registration, a quick test is possible at the examination center at the main train station on Saturday from 10:00 to 19:00.

Die Toten Hosen in Bremen: where and how can wheelchair users celebrate?

Wheelchair users were also considered at the Toten Hosen concert at the Bürgerweide. There will be a wheelchair platform for them. However, this is only intended for wheelchair users and one accompanying person. However, there are no seats.

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