Schlager Night: “I want fun” singer Markus arrives in Burgberg on September 24

In fact, pop singer Markus, who made a breakthrough in the 1980s, should have performed at the Schlagernacht in Burgberg in 2020 and provided the audience with a special evening. Due to the pandemic of the crown, the concert had to be postponed twice in a row, this year it could only be postponed to September instead of May. “Neue Deutsche Welle’s star schedule did not allow Schlager Night to be held as part of Father’s Day fever,” explains Lars Neumuth of the ‘Dussa Instead of Bottom’ event team (outdoors instead of indoors) made up of the local soccer club, Tennis Club, Table Tennis Club, Song and Theater Association and LN Music. The latter is a small booking agency that Lars Neumuth runs part-time.

Otherwise, on Father’s Day, the ankle joint

But that did not detract from Hock in the spring. There were so many guests that the food was running out. “We even went to buy grilled meat at the local vending machines,” says Neumuth, who is also president of the tennis club. The association, along with the table tennis club and football club, revived Father Hock’s Day in 2017. In 2018, a vocal and theater association was included in the action, and the event was completed by a hit evening. Each club has its own area of ​​responsibility: while the soccer club is more into purchasing and catering, the tennis club is more likely to work behind the bar or at the checkout. The table tennis club and the vocal theater association are usually responsible for the setting and seating.

He represents many helping hands during the Schlager night in Maria-von-Linden-Halle: Dietmar Ulbrich (left), president of the soccer club and Lars Neumuth, president of the tennis club.
© Photo: Markus Brandhuber

So far, bands that were more famous in the region have appeared on the Burgberg stage, but in 2020 they wanted to welcome “the first real hit star” along with Markus. The 63-year-old is now in the Giengen district for the “anniversary” of his hit “I want fun”, which reached number one on the German singles charts 40 years ago, with a new album in his baggage. It’s called “Life loves me … and I love life”. The previously released pieces “Helden” and “Herzschlag” provided a foretaste.

Inside instead of outside

“This time the party should be called ‘Denna instead of Dussy,” said football club president Dietmar Ulbrich with a laugh. The hit night of Saturday September 24 will be transferred to Maria-von-Linden-Halle. It can be too cold outside in the fall in the evenings. The start is at 19:00.

The supporting program includes two new people for whom the application phase is still ongoing, and the duo “Larry & Nadine”. Behind him are Lars Neumuth and his wife. Two local heroes of the Schlager scene insist on getting the audience in the mood for the main act.

Maximum 230 guests

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Admission is required because only 230 people can enter the venue and the artist’s fee has to be paid. However, the profit that flows into the club’s money after such an evening is not as high as it might seem after the effort. “We don’t just do it for the money, but for the countryside and for ourselves,” says Neumuth. The friendship among many volunteers is huge. After such a long Corona break during which you lost sight of yourself, now you are all the more excited about the service. True to the motto: you want to play and hit the gas.

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Advance tickets are available here

Schlager Night tickets are still available in advance for € 15 per person. These are available directly from Lars Neumuth of the Events team at or by telephone on 0151.12772820. Admission is € 20 at the box office.

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