The band interrupts the song at an important announcement

Doctors (pictured in Cologne) played at Tempelhofer Feld in Berlin.Photo: Reuters / cover media

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Rafał Siemens

More and more people are already flocking to the Tempelhof underground station in Berlin in early Saturday evening. The mass continues to the former airport. That’s almost a kilometer and a half away. Most are dressed in black. Everyone seems to be in a good mood – no wonder: On Friday night, the doctors’ concert had to be canceled due to severe weather warnings. The second meeting will be held on Saturday.

The fans had to be afraid until the last moment, because it was expected to rain on Saturday. You know that another cancellation would be possible. However, it remained dry.

The opening acts of Muff Potter and SDP don’t need much to warm up the audience. “Damn, there’s a corpse in my basement” is sung and danced loudly.

The doctors' concert on August 26 had to be canceled due to bad weather.

The doctors’ concert on August 26 had to be canceled due to bad weather.Photo: IMAGO / A. Friedrichs

From “Himmelblau” to “Noise”: the audience roars

But the final euphoria only appears when the doctors themselves enter the scene. According to the weather, they took the song “Himmelblau” out of the instrument case as an opener. You don’t see them yet, you only hear the guitar solo at the beginning of the song. Then the black curtain comes down. sparks fly. He cheers 60,000 people.

“Himmelblau” dates from 2007. In order to warm up the audience properly, the trio unpacks newer tracks in particular, such as “Ich, am Strand” and “Noise”.

Guitarist Farin Urlaub speaks up and calls out to the fans, “Who thinks it’s better than shit?” Though the crowd trembles, drummer Bela B. replies ironically, “It was less than ten percent.” The audience should try harder.

Doctors interrupt song about climate policy due to important announcement

Thanks to the climate and political song “Deine Schuld”, the doctors try to make the already overheated audience tremble even more. But suddenly Farin breaks the vacation. Of course, I feel obliged to say a few words about the climate crisis. The guitarist and vocalist takes the microphone and explains to the audience: “We have been planning these concerts together with Hosen for three years.” He has in mind, among others, the Toten Hosen show, which took place a week earlier at Tempelhofer Feld. Because the concerts of Die Ęrzte and Toten Hosen should be as neutral to the climate as possible.

“No plastic, no meat, all vegetarian and vegan, all that shit.”

Farin Urlaub

Drummer Bela B .: “Save CO₂ up to 70 percent”

The band explains it again in person on stage. Addressing the audience, Farin Urlaub emphasizes: “We use green electricity. No plastic, no meat, all vegetarian and vegan, all that shit. He laughs and adds: “If you want to know more, volunteers come here with QR codes tattooed on their backs.”

These tattoos are just a joke, but punk rockers take the rest absolutely seriously. Usually the three musicians on stage are relaxed and make jokes, wanting the concert to be a real experience. But when it comes to that, they’re remarkably less stupid than usual: “Today, we’re achieving CO₂ savings of up to 70 percent,” adds Bela B.“That’s about ten times the amount planned by the federal government.”

Finally, Farin adds self-critically: “It won’t help if we just sing ‘Your Fault’ without contributing anything ourselves.” After this announcement, the audience sings even louder along with the chorus of the following song: “It’s not your fault that the world is what it is, it would only be your fault if it stayed that way.”

Alternating new and old hits – the insiders are also happy

While the songs played so far are usually hits often played on the radio, Die Ęrzte does not forget about their longtime fans who also know the older songs. A lot of music has accumulated in the last 40 years. However, she was not always able to fight her way to the radio.

The band keeps digging up old and difficult numbers that you wouldn’t expect at such a big event: “Meine Freund” tells about homosexuality, death metal song “Permanent Wave vs. Minipli ”causes energetic pogo.

Doctors from Tempelhofer Feld in Berlin.

Doctors from Tempelhofer Feld in watson / Raphael Siems

The rock band has clearly not been touched in the last 40 years: they still play concerts for hours. After a long break, the concert is over – just like it is raining.

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