The last days of the Memmingen outdoor swimming pool are over – news from Memmingen

The outdoor pool will be demolished and replaced with a combination pool. Just before the end of last season, a colorful closing party takes place. Which spoiled the fun.

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August 29, 2022 | Status: 10:15

Laughing, splashing, going crazy and lying in the sun: this is what a typical day at the outdoor pool looks like. Motorboats and rowing boats, oxygen tanks and loud zumba music are not part of this. But all of this was offered on Saturday at the Memmingen outdoor pool. During the last celebration – and with free admission – the Memmingen residents had the opportunity to say goodbye to their swimming pool, which will soon be demolished and replaced with a combined pool (we wrote). This was suggested by DLRG and water rescue memmingen, TV Memmingen and SV Amendingen or “Diverholics” offer numerous activities related to water sports. However, the planned evening DJ pool party was canceled early due to the bad weather forecast.

Aqua Zumba, lifeboat and try scuba diving

On this colorful family day, everyone could find something for themselves. People who wanted to get acquainted with water rescue equipment could see various lifeboats at the exhibition of their vehicles or exercise and swim for several lengths in the sports pool. The athletes in particular faced the swim in time and were then allowed to take home the last certificate from the outdoor pool. Aqua-zumba and water aerobics with live music were very popular. There was also a lot on offer for little water rats. Those who already felt safe in the pool could earn the seahorse badge. Throwing bags on the sunbathing lawn was fun for everyone. The highlight for the children was the DLRG trial dive. Aspiring dive instructors led children equipped with fins, diving goggles and a breathing apparatus through the family pool and let them dive into the underwater world.

Renovation would not be enough

The day’s fun was accompanied by less pleasant feelings: “Of course there is a certain melancholy,” said the mayor Manfred Schilder in his welcome speech – and thus expressed the mood of many locals who will soon be missing the outdoor swimming pool, part of which they have known and loved for decades. It has been heard that many wish the bathroom could only be repaired rather than completely replaced. But Schilder finally had to disappoint her: “The bathroom is as old as the mayor,” he said. Technically, it is no longer adaptable to modern standards, even with major refurbishments.

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Farewell party at the Memmingen outdoor swimming pool

However, the planned combined pool, which will then connect the indoor and outdoor pools, will remain valid. The all-season pool was designed primarily with the sporting aspect of the pool in mind, said Schilder. It is to be built as a passive house standard, thanks to which it will also contribute to energy saving and climate protection. Even though some are still struggling with the big change, the mayor is sure: “New building is the right way, I’m totally convinced of it.”

Water polo game with throws at 5 meters

Sam has spent countless hours in the past as a water polo player in an outdoor swimming pool. Finally, the water polo show on TV Memmingen was part of a successful program at the end of the day. Those who wanted could even practice their own shooting from 5 meters.

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The closing party was a welcome opportunity for young and old alike to fully enjoy the outdoor pool one last time, enjoy the cool water, slide, hot fries or legendary candy bags – and reminisce about previous visits. And even the weather gods played to some extent and kept the moisture from above in check.

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