Highlights of the concert in September 2022 in Munich

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FROM: Andrzej’s place

You have to experience it live: Arcade Fire © Organizer

Russ believes in himself, Feist stars Arcade Fire and Biffy Clyro in his crazy guitar riffs

Berliner by choice Tristan Brusch plays not only the guitar and sings. No, it breathes, it spits, it makes the infinitely beautiful and ugly visible. Brusch’s talent is fully revealed only when you see him on stage. He doesn’t spare himself or his audience, just being there, which is neither advisable nor noticeable here. “Stage magic” is probably one of the most poignant words for another Scrabble night, but a Tristan Brusch concert definitely gives you an idea of ​​what that might actually mean. (1.9. Milla)

Hardly any other new generation rapper has been so socialized by hip hop as bar32. The young Berliner has been in the music business for over a decade. From graffiti to 1v1 duels on the Berlin Underground, to solo performances supporting slots with the legend Kool Savas, he has rocked almost everything. Especially in the live industry, Takt32 is no longer a stranger. Full of energy and power, he played concerts on splash !, Out4Fame and other famous festivals. Now presents his dedicated new album “Social Downward Comparison”. (1.9. Electricity)

Exceptional Munich musicians Jesper Munk returns to Munich with his new album. The unique soul boy from Glockenbachviertel, created in the midst of a pandemic, best describes the work called Taped Heart Sounds: “If there was a way to hug you in the form of an album, I would try it this way. “Now you can also be covered in live music because with Cassette Head Band, Munk interprets pieces by Tom Waits and JJ Cale, all the way to Etty James and Jacques Brel, and of course his own best pieces too. (2.9. Muffat Hall)

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Cabaret artist Christopher Seiler and film producer Bernhard Speer have had fun for years Seiler and the spear success on the music scene. Her work has always been characterized by realistic and mostly joyful texts that caricature and satirize various everyday situations. With “Ham kummst” they both landed their first mega-hit in Germany about seven years ago, followed by a few more and may be in the future. (8.9. Circus crown)

Scottish rockers Biffy Clyro look to the future with the new album “A Celebration Of Endings” – both from a personal and a socio-political point of view. Because, as frontman Simon Neil believes, the beauty and possibilities that change bring should be considered much more often, and not always accompanied by skepticism and sadness. When you listen to the album, you can see that the new material will be extremely fun, especially live. The aggression in her songs is still old school Biffy, but the sudden interruptions in the piano followed by rampant riffs also reflect her current unpredictability. Support each other: State. (15.9 Zenith)

With the “Golden Future” Florian Sievers aka Paradise 2018 one of the most outstanding German-language debut albums of recent years. Suddenly, there was someone who could write songs that were somehow new, that stood out so joyfully and relaxed from all that German-language pop had and still has to offer in terms of music and lyrics. Paradise songs are catchy, identity creating, inspirational pop songs that are never flat and always dotted with flashy metaphors that fascinate. (15.9. Electricity)

Musical range table it includes genres like jazz, soul, afro, gospel, pop and of course R’n’B in a very fun way and allows them to flow together in a way that is as independent as it is unique. Particularly noteworthy is the urgency of her voice, which can convince in an extremely variable way with enviable versatility and absolute perfection. (16.9. Milla)

Soot, rapper, singer / songwriter and producer all rolled into one, he goes his own way and is living proof that you don’t need a big label to be successful. His recipe: Love what you do, absolute self-confidence and hard work – no matter what. The Atlanta Man has been in the music business for over ten years and has made a name for himself in the international hip-hop scene. (18.9 zenith)

The release of the new album “WE” coincided with the announcement of a world tour Fire arcade. After unexpected performances at the Toulouse Theater in New Orleans, Bowery Ballroom in New York, Mojave Tent at the Coachella Festival and KOKO in London, the “WE” tour will become the band Variety “must see live”. back to the Munich concert stage. Famous Special Guest, delightful, fantastic, the only one: fat. (18.9. Olympic Hall)

He learned from the great singers and songwriters of the 70s – James Taylor, Carole King and / or of course the bigger-than-life soul hero Bill Withers. Jonathan Jeremiah, a man with a flattering baritone voice, has been working on his debut “A Solitary Man” for seven years and has long since found his personal signature. And so the 41-year-old Briton convinces with a charming, catchy northern soul, a bit of folk, a bit of rock, a bit of retro – all wrapped in a bit of patina. (20.9. Muffat Hall)

this Adelaide’s children to make music for live stages – had they not existed a long time ago, they would have had to be specially built. So you stand in front of these boards which, as you know, mean the world, with beer in hand, and you sing, line by line, song by song. Here’s the music of the children of Adelaide: chord progressions as big as mountain ranges, melodies that make you feel like you have them all, and lyrics that can be described as poetry. But just rock’n’roll poetry. Or you could just say they do indie folk. Great indie folk, remember, and demanding, just for fans of everything from Mumford & Sons to the War on Drugs. (22.9. Amper Muffatwerk).

Thanks to a global view of electronic music, the duo becomes an inter-genre duo Sophie Tukker celebrated all over the world for years. No wonder as some of her fans can identify with her themes of freedom, unity and independence. At the start of the pandemic, they started daily live broadcasts that eventually attracted millions of viewers, making them one of the most-streamed bands in 2020. Over the months this has built up an incredibly efficient fanbase that calls itself “Freak Fam” and gathers around the clock, worldwide, online and offline for Freak Fam meetings. In September, he finally lives in full length again and without a screen in front of him … (23.9. Freedom Hall)

A musical view of infinity: Soap & Skin
A musical view of infinity: soap and leather © Organizer

Michael Patrick Kellys His unique four-octave voice, talented songwriting, skills of a thoroughbred musician and producer – but also life experience as a child star, teenage heartbreaker, husband and rock star who has returned to the big stages – allow him to write songs. that are about courage, comfort and hope that go all out without being naive. (24.9. Olympic Hall)

For nearly two decades, it has been a powerful mix of traditional hard rock influences and an emotionality that Cherry black stone equally spectacular and attractive. The quartet from Edmonton, a small town in the US state of Kentucky, combines southern hard rock and thrilling guitar riffs with modern energy and knows how to inspire rock fans around the world. (24.9. TonHalle)

Penny and the Sparrows The latest album “Olly Olly” is a work of liberation and revelation, a soothing hug from the band, committed to leaving no stone unturned in their quest for fulfillment. Fearless and introspective in equal measure, the songs unite growth and change while being fed with desire, intimacy, doubt and regret at the same time. The arrangements seem both bold and thoughtful, imbuing the band’s hypnotic, intimate folk with electronic twists and light R’n’B rhythms. (25.9. Heppel and Ettlich)

He sang about the end of capitalism, he was one step ahead of depression, he buried his iPhone in a bend in the river and looked for absolute happiness. He threw words and read what had been thrown. He circled, conjured, breathed and chanted the present. Search and find eight albums PeterLicht words and sounds. For us, for tumbling between growth and exhaustion, between system critique and a bargain market. Indispensable nowadays! (September 25, Volkstheater)

American artist with multiplatinum Kelly’s machine gun He will also make a stop in Munich as part of his “Mainstream Sellout Tour”. An artist who likes to break with genre conventions, at his awaited show also receives the well-known support from special guests. ian dior and 44 phantom. (25.9. Olympic Hall)

German-American songwriter and producer from Berlin ChrisJames in recent years, he has released several songs under his own name that have been played over 20 million times. His song “Not Angry” itself – which came through the roof on a Chinese platform – has been played over six million times and made its way to Taiwan Viral 50 and Trending Hits on Spotify. He became a star in China almost overnight – without even knowing it. It’s high time that it also happened in good old Germany … (September 28 celebration of the crane hall)

The long-awaited “AliveTour” 2022 by David Garrett it is said to be “as intimate as a show in the living room and as addictive as a show in a stadium”. Oops, that sounds very promising. With the album of the same title, the violin virtuoso opens a new chapter and returns to what is most important: ravishing songs that celebrate life, the best crossover music that combines virtuoso classic with the best pop, and 1000 melodies with absolute goosebumps. (29.9. Olympic Hall)

The ones in the agency make things easier and cancel the fantasy Soap and leather in short: “Strictly speaking, we could keep a very short press release: call the Elbphilharmonie YouTube channel: watch the Soap & Skin live stream August 2019!” Good so far, that’s true. But just by using a TV, optionally a computer screen is one thing, and seeing and hearing this great artist live on stage is another. Most of her latest album “From Gas To Solid / you are my friend” was recorded in her apartment in Vienna – and yet it sounded as if she recorded it on a space station drifting through space in total solitude facing infinity. So now is finally the chance to experience Soap & Skin again on stage where she will make us all feel that our bodies are really instruments in her compositions. (29.9. TonHalle)

Anyone who’s even a bit interested in the post-rock genre is over Godspeed, you black emperor most likely good in the photo. With shifting lineups – be it trio or up to fifteen people – the Canadian formation has always explored the musical possibilities of what is possible. Postrock meets neoclassicism. Thunderous walls of guitars meet punk, industrial sounds meet instrumental ones, the sphere collides with bombastic moments. (29.9. Muffat Hall)

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