MontanaBlack steals the fun at gamescom: injuries, fear, homophobia

this gamescom 2022 lured above all 265,000 visitors to the Rhine metropolis of Cologne and despite a smaller number than in 2019 (373 thousand participants) The fair in Cologne has brought another unusual convention to its feet. We take the cap off this achievement!

However, not all game fans choose between August 24 and 28, 2022 at gamescom, come home feeling positive. Much to the disappointment of the arrivals.

We have already written about it Participation of many influencerswho were also there, and for example one show organize a performance in one of gradation Lie down autographs gave or what Montana Black wandered around gamescom.

That’s all problematic must be, the streamer noticed fairly quickly in his live stream on Twitch.

But first, he looks for bugs with fans who, according to statements such as others Trance follows him so that there is no real? added value for the pursuers offer. You would only have “Video or photo for social media”very selfish.

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He did not mean it wrong, however, as he later emphasized. And despite this Problems such a trip triggers, Monte is obviously impressed with his encouragement to scream crowds.

The whole thing, however, has a different catch, completely different than the streamer’s state, namely the state of damage to the other participants.

No fun at gamescom due to injury, fear and homophobia

If real? YouTube and Twitch giant how MontanaBlack marches at gamescom stir. And not only that. In his live broadcast, we see the surroundings 30 to 40 security personnelwho need to look after the streaming star.

The aforementioned trip is a resultant circle around the personand the space required for this is so large that other visitors suffer from the action.

And that just seems logical. FROM gamescom Saturdaywhere the action took place was completely sold out. This means that even without such an event corridors between the rooms completely overcrowded.

And that especially affects people who aren’t chasing a social media star – who often have nothing to do with the YouTube or Twitch theme.

For example, write Jennifer S from the PlayCentral community on Facebook:

“[…] Suddenly everything escalates just because he is walking there, and you still have to be careful not to get shocked by security because you happened to be standing there. Gamescom will meet more and more streamers and influencers. “

However, the matter takes on completely different spheres if we follow the words of Twitter users GameGecki to listen. Gecki complains publicly and talks about his terrifying experience. He experienced physical arguments, verbal abuse, and even homophobia.

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While eating outside hall 8, Gecki’s group was surprised by the Monte community who “hugged, pushed and insulted” them.

be on Lines as on the Fordzilla stand he was completely messed up in hall 8 when “MontanaBlack” appeared on the stand.

It should be said that visitors * are not uncommon up to 6 hours queuing at the booth to try out the publisher’s latest game.

“Security at the Fordizilla booth around Montanablack was overwhelmed by the crowd and the security around MontanaBlack […] he was more interested in keeping people away from the Creator than protecting bystanders from harm and property from destruction ”.

Next is the conversation about Fr. physical injuries such as bruising and that members of the Monte community showed no insight. they were climbed the standswould have people hurt and not a few offended people on the way.

Also a YouTube icon Gnu jasmine speaks in this context and says:

“I’m so sorry 🙁 My colleague was also thrown to the ground when people ran by and two bodyguards were injured. Bitter”

Her friend would also “bruise” afterwards. Many users confirm the influencer’s dangerous activities under this post, so all GameGecki’s statements are of course true.

Bitter for MontanaBlack: Many now accuse MontanaBlack and her community of the accusations because words in GameGecki’s narrative homophobia decrease. Many homosexual couples have been insulted simply out of sheer hostility.

Is there a solution? user Daniel K. from the PlayCentral community advises public persons to: “rather on a different day like the day of exhibitors and media representatives”so business visitor daymarch at gamescom.

Christian BaurThe head of gamescom is already in the picture. According to the statement, he and his team would like to take a closer look at the action. He approved on Twitter:

“Oh shit. Let’s take a closer look at it. There is no place for violence, homophobia / intolerance at gamescom “

What do you think about the problem that other visitors may be suffering from because of the influencer? Feel free to write this in the comments and discuss it with us.

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