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Over the past vacation, many friends and new faces have flown and gone from Walsroder libraries to attend the Summer Reading Club (SLC). The campaign has been developing for 16 years and attracts more and more people: the youngest of this year’s 210 participants was only three years old and formed a team with her family. Every age group is represented, from young children and adolescents to retirement age, alone or in a group.

Lots of creativity

With names like Team Atlantis, Toadpower, Lesepfoten 2.0, Hamburger Cheeseburger and Unicornsaurus, once the groups were formed, it is clear how many creative minds were involved in the SLC. And it was precisely this creativity that was desired. Because for a long time the reading club is not only about reading, but also about acting. Many children showed it in their logbooks, making them especially colorful, drawing pictures or writing their own stories. On the last day of the summer holidays, such special achievements were honored with an award ceremony and certificates at the closing event.

Special program points

Moreover, library employees attach great importance to a varied program. They want to offer their children great experiences and teach them something while having fun, says manager Franziska Fähndrich about the reasons for these events. Whether it’s entering a digital world with VR glasses, artistic skills in action painting or logic applied in an escape room are required: the library combines leisure activities and learning. And it works well. At the beginning of the summer holidays, 50 seats were quickly booked at various events.

The most important thing is reading promotion

The fact that the love of reading is not lost in the SLC is evidenced by the frequently plundered shelves and numerous, well-filled reading journals. Because the summer reading club has not forgotten its original goal – active promotion of reading and having fun with books. After two and a half years of the pandemic, it is particularly important for those responsible that the library’s offer is available to everyone – emphasizes the management of the library, with particular emphasis on students. It is even more pleasing that libraries are so busy during the summer holidays and welcome many new readers.


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