The organizer continues to anger the fans

The organization of the Helene Fischer concert disappointed some fans who had VIP tickets.Photo: / imago images

More than a week ago, Helene Fischer played her mega show in Munich in front of 130,000 fans. During her performance, the pop singer thanked a special man: “It took a lot of nerves and strength to put together this program. That is why I thank the program organizer Klaus Leutgeb. “

However, many fans could not share the opinion of Helene Fischer. Especially the guests who bought VIP tickets for around 600 euros, everyone was dissatisfied with the organization and promoter of the concert. A few critical points are: poor view of the stage despite an expensive VIP ticket, lack of seats and an allegedly poorly located emergency exit.

Last Saturday, the only 2022 concert of the superstar Robbie Williams took place in the exhibition center in Munich – again organized by Klaus Leutgeb, and after the concert, criticism from the organizer reappeared.

Robbie Williams played in front of 90,000 fans in Munich.

Robbie Williams played in front of 90,000 fans in Munich. Photo: / imago images

Robbie Williams concert: Sudden change in fan zones

This time, last-minute changes to the ticket categories meant that not all of the 90,000 people who attended the Robbie Williams concert in the Bavarian capital left home satisfied.

As reported by the Munich-based “Abendzeitung”, there were originally supposed to be three sidewalks over which Robbie Williams would be visible to fans. After booking, the three areas became just one area. This means: Guests who paid more suddenly had a worse seat.

The concert of Robbie Williams was organized by the organizer Klaus Leutgeb.

The concert of Robbie Williams was organized by the organizer Klaus Leutgeb.Photo: / imago images

The angry fan then reported to the Munich “TZ” and complained. It is said that he and other concert guests were promised a “360-degree stage experience” for € 197.99 per ticket. However, he was allegedly denied the place they paid for inside the final barrier in front of the stage:

“I think it’s absurd that an organizer fills up pockets at the expense of people.”

A user who attended the concert complained on Twitter about his surprisingly bad place: “He paid 200 euros for the front block and they split the front block into two and we are behind the first fence. Paying for platinum tickets for this prospect is a goddamn shame. We can’t even see the smaller scene!“According to” TZ “, some fans are even considering taking legal action against the concert’s organizer.

Before the concert, the concert organizer promised: “Every customer who is directly affected by the change of our sample plan and who purchased a ticket in the period before the change and he feels aggrieved because of it, he will of course be reimbursed ”. However, some fans are skeptical that this promise will really be kept.

Press at Leutgeb concerts probably undesirable

But this is not the end of the problems: the concert organizer also caused problems for the press. This is what the Munich Merkur says, that their accreditation for the Robbie Williams concert has been withdrawnafter publishing critical articles about the appearance of Helene Fischer.

Helene Fischer gave her only concert in Germany in Munich in 2022.

Helene Fischer gave her only concert in Germany in Munich in 2022. Photo: Getty Images Europe / Andreas Rentz

In this context, Bild also wrote that they were not allowed to go to an accredited Robbie Williams. Incidentally, Watson was stripped of accreditation for the Helene Fischer megaconcertafter publishing critical articles about the appearance of the 38-year-old.


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