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Pasewalk Federal Police Inspectorate with a joint German-Polish office in Pomellen

Usedom Island (ots)

The Federal Police Orchestra from Berlin has been visiting the island of Usedom on a regular basis for many years, playing at various venues. After last year, only the big band fascinated the audience thanks to Corona, this year the whole orchestra is present, but also in small groups. For the first time, a concert will be held in Świnoujście, which was established jointly by the city of Świnoujście, the Polish border guard and the Pasewalk Federal Police Inspectorate with a joint Polish-German office in Pomellen. Police director Jürgen Köhler personally coordinated the procedure with the deputy mayor and his Polish colleagues. – In any case, we are especially looking forward to our first performance in Świnoujście, where our Polish native Mateusz Dudek will send a few friendly words to the Polish audience – says the director of the Federal Police Orchestra Gerd Herklotz

After last year’s great success, 1,500 euros were raised for the charity “Time Travel Mobile from Eggesin”, “this year we want to combine the concert with the charity idea and repeat the good result from last year,” says inspection manager Jürgen Köhler, who is delighted that this year’s tour The spa will end with a final concert on September 6 in Swinemünde. A donation box will also be set up there, and the Polish president will personally decide who will receive the benefit.

“We are looking forward to the concerts that will begin on September 1, 2022 with a performance of the orchestra in Ahlbeck and end on September 6, 2022 with an orchestra concert on the other side of the border in Świnoujście. Concerts on September 4, 5 and 6 September 2022. The orchestra will also perform Nadine Oswald, a singer of the federal police officer. With kind regards and waiting for our performances on the island of Usedom this year, ”says conductor Gerd Herklotz

Program of the concert in the concert shells of seaside resorts: 01/09/2022 Thursday 16:00 at Ahlbeck Orchestra 02/09/2022 Friday 16:00 at Bansin Big Band 03/09/2022 Saturday 11:00 at Koserow Orchestra 16:00 at Ahlbeck Big Band 04/09/2022 Sunday 11 1:00 at Trassenheide Brass Orkiestra 16:00 at Heringsdorf Orchestra 05/09/2022 Monday 15:30 at Zinnowitz Orchestra 06/09/2022 Tuesday 11:00 at Swinemünde Orchestra

The Federal Police Inspectorate Pasewalk, together with the joint German-Polish office in Pomellen, accompanies the orchestra with the preventive information stand of PHK Petersen, PHM’in Scharmann and PM’in Pingel, who expect a large number of people to talk to, especially during the music break.

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The Federal Police Headquarters in Bad Bramstedt takes its place as a federal authority
Tasks in Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and North
and the Baltic Sea and, depending on the occasion, also true.

To this end, as operational departments, you are responsible for:
Federal police inspections in Flensburg, Kiel, Rostock, Stralsund and
Pasewalk and the Federal Police Inspectorate for Combating Crime
Rostock and a mobile control and monitoring unit
assigned. With the See Federal Police Inspectorate in Neustadt in
Holstein, Warnemünde and Cuxhaven are the only ones to have it
Federal Police Headquarters on the maritime component of the deployment
“Federal Police Sea” around the sea border in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea
(external Schengen border) to be monitored.

The Federal Police Headquarters in Bad Bramstedt employs a total of approx. 3,000 people.
2,600 employees, including policemen,
officials and administrative staff.
Under the Federal Police Act and other laws, it requires:
extensive and diverse tasks.

These include in particular:

protection of the border police of the federal territory,
– tasks of the railway police,
– border guards, shipping police and
the tasks of the environmental police in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea.

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