Robbie Williams vomits during a concert in Munich – after eating 70 nicotine candies

On Saturday night, Robbie Williams gave his only concert in 2022 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with tickets available. About 100,000 fans celebrated the former “Take That” star. The 48-year-old took the title of the song “Let Me Entertain You” very cautiously – including private cuddling on stage, an unexpected break and a disgusting faux pas.

The stage turned a radiant red, and the words “Hello Munich”, “Am I still your son?” Appeared in large letters. and “I want to contact the living.” The nearly 100,000 fans didn’t seem to mind the 20-minute delay, the cheers grew louder and more and more cell phones rang.

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A few minutes later the first bass of Robbie Williams’ greatest hit “Let Me Entertain You” was heard. The artist himself entered the stage wearing a black T-shirt, red socks, black slippers and thick silver chains.

He was accompanied by a dozen dancers who could easily compete with Helene Fischer with their sparkling full body costumes and perfectly prepared dance performance. Almost the entire exhibition center sang, danced and jumped. Robbie Williams couldn’t have started his concert better.

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Fans were not interested in indie rock and electro DJs

The Briton just knows how to put people in a good mood – unlike his first performances “Josh Savage” and “Lufthaus”. The former tried in vain to attract new fans with sleepy indie rock, but no one really wanted to clap and sing.

Even with ‘Lufthaus’, a UK DJ duo, the atmosphere was moderate – despite some covers of famous songs such as’ Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (The Midnight Man) ”(ABBA) and“ Sweet Dreams ”(Erithmica).

Even Robbie Williams becomes emotional

So let’s get back to the real star of the evening. After “Let Me Entertain You” there were more classics for which Robbie Willams almost always had a little anecdote about his origins or his life – often with a strong tongue.

With his head dangling slightly, the artist announced the evergreen who always sang with his father (fondly referred to by him as “daddy”), who now suffers from Parkinson’s disease: “Sweet Caroline”.

Also with great emotions, the singer agreed to the song “Love My Life”, dedicated to his children. But Robbie wouldn’t be Robbie if he hadn’t used his heartbeat bonus this evening.

This time the chosen ones: Lisa and Barbara – two ladies from the audience who, after long trips, were neither too young nor too old for Mr. Williams. His own words, by the way.

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The two selected evenings are Lisa and Barbara

For Lisa, it was on the sofa, shoulder to shoulder with the star itself. The hearts of Robbie and Lisa appeared in the center of the huge screens, strewn with roses. Robbie sang “Something Stupid” and lay down around his somewhat embarrassed chosen one, including patting – on both sides. It doesn’t get any more romantic than this. Although: almost.

As the penultimate song, the 48-year-old cast his sweet rock hit par excellence: “She’s the One”. At this point, Barbara came into play as the song should be dedicated to her this evening.

Unfortunately, she was not as lucky as Lisa and missed the 150-meter-wide stage. She had to do without hugging a star in front of nearly 100,000 other fans, but her face was exaggerated on all screens.

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Disgusting faux pas by nicotine candies

After the song, it turned out that not hugging Robbie was also not the worst, because: The star confessed after the song that he came back briefly during the song and threw up. The reason: too many nicotine mints. There were almost 70 of them that day.

In typical Robbie fashion, while covering her faux pas with a smile, the attention quickly returned to Barbara. He asked her if she was happy with the performance and if half the song would be enough for a dedication. Barbara nodded as the final song began: Angels.

A song that everyone was waiting for and that was also to be feared. Because about half an hour earlier, the mood changed for a few minutes. The stage lights went out, the music stopped. Is this the end of the concert? The fans’ glances and emotions are questioning.

But Mr. Williams did not wait long. The artist has just exchanged a brocade jacket for a bathrobe. The show could go on.

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Williams: “I’m a narcissist, but I love it”

So Robbie Williams has prepared some surprises for his fans. For example, a 48-year-old fired a few gadgets at the audience with an air pistol as a reward for the effort of “Bambambam” fans on the song “The Road to Mandalay”.

Overall, the rock star was very emotional and connected with the audience. Time and time again he warmly thanked his fans for decades of support. Jokes at my own expense, such as “I’m a narcissist, but I love it,” have not been neglected either. A small self-promotion of the new album and its biographical film “Lepszy man” was also necessary.

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Joke, charm and rock’n’roll

In conclusion, the artist from Great Britain presented a show full of self-irony, charm and classics. It is doubtful whether this was the pinnacle of his solo career, the 25th anniversary of which – or thanks to Corona, he celebrated its 27th anniversary with a concert.

Because there is definitely room for improvement in the mood. But it wasn’t the weather’s fault. Despite the worst forecasts of storms and rain, the weather gods were on Robbie Williams’ side.

It wasn’t until the song “Angels”, which is otherwise considered a goalkeeper, that she started to dribble a bit. That didn’t stop people from singing the classics, which Robbie started as the only encore, a cappella at the end. Unfortunately, there was nothing else.

More punctually than many Germans, the singer said goodbye to the fans and the band with a bow from the stage.

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