Crucifixion on September 4

Crucifixion on September 4
Concerts, games and activities …

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Laith Al Deen

This time, the performance is about music and concerts, games and activities, biblical wine tasting and a hit from heaven.

Pop singer Laith Al-Deen at Kreuzfest in Limburg

Cheering the crowd, dancing and listening to good music: this is what you can expect at the concert with Laith Al-Deen on Thursday 15th September at Limburg’s Bishop’s Garden. The pop singer will present songs from his current album “Kein Tag umsonst” at the Kreuzfest outdoor stage in the Diocese of Limburg. Tickets can be purchased here.

In addition to Laith Al-Deen, the performance of the satirist Florian Schroeder is one of the highlights of the four-day Kreuzfest under the slogan “It will be colorful with you”. On Friday, September 16, the cabaret artist will not mince words in his current stage program “Neustart. For more information on the Kreuzfest program in the Diocese of Limburg from September 15 to 18, visit

Spielmobil in the diocese of Limburg

From climbing crates to giant soap bubbles, to a marble catwalk: the mobile toy from the Limburg Family Ministry is home to many things that make children’s hearts beat faster. Play mobile is a closed trailer with materials that can be borrowed, for example, from a parish in a diocese. More information on this can be found here.

Very good job prospects as a teacher

They are desperately wanted: educators. There are many reasons for this, not least because, since 2013, there is a national right to a place of childcare for every child who has reached the age of one. There are still staff shortages. The number of young people who can start an apprenticeship is also decreasing year by year. In addition, many of the employees who are still working will retire in the next few years, so things will only get worse. Male educators are in particular sought after. The percentage of men in nurseries and kindergartens is now less than ten percent.

There are many ways to become a professional educator. Side entry is also possible. Here you will find a concise summary of all options and requirements.

Skilled workers are lacking in many places. Especially in kindergartens. There are job vacancies everywhere, and kindergarten teachers are looking for them. Juliane Brechtel has been running the St. Joseph in Dieburg. He knows the problem. He says the skilled labor market has thinned out. In our interview, he talks in detail about the reasons he sees in how they cope with the problem, what tasks do specialists have today and what are the demands placed on them.

The educators desperately wanted to

Juliane Brechtel, the head of the nursery, in an interview.

Skilled workers are lacking in many places. And it starts with the youngest, that is, in nurseries. There are job vacancies everywhere, kindergartens are looking for teachers. Juliane Prechtel has been running the St. Joseph in Dieburg. He knows the problem. But the skilled labor market is also very lean, he says. Dengue language is caused by algae, in my situation there are fewer people in training, teacher training is very long. And pay hops have also improved in recent years, but they must bear the responsibility of educators. And for this amount of work, if you work well and with commitment, it’s not fair. It is difficult to find particularly difficult representations on the market. Since there are always enough permanent positions announced somewhere, says Juliane,

Today it is so big that teachers also get permanent jobs. So it makes me dizzy. Because if we don’t fill the posts, the kids won’t be able to take them on. The Heska Act on the care of children and youth helps us in this. As this means skilled workers, the keys and the number of children must be balanced. And then we have to make an emergency plan and take in fewer children, because she doesn’t want to, because she prefers that all the places in her kindergarten are occupied. That’s why Juliane Prechtel tries to get new colleagues interested in her kindergarten as early as possible. That is why we deal with the training area, cooperation with the Grube School Staroste at the castle, who also comes to us.

In this way, the projects bring us closer to future trainees and educators. We’ve been fit ever since. pin won. But there is always someone in a house with twenty Gate teachers. This is just difficult. The Sankt Josef Kindergarten has six groups, one hundred. Currently they look after twenty children. Juliane Brechtel says it is important that teachers feel comfortable. This only helps if we manage to create good working conditions for educators. That they would really feel good, that in a conflict or difficult situation, Wezer as a leader would support and be with them.

And the tasks for specialists have increased. And the requirements have also increased. Each child is watched, observed and accompanies him in his development. And not only the child, but also the family. This is more and more parenting advice I. We have small personalities and we want a meadow. And they also show us who is very interested. And what’s your situation, we can pick up Sindy, then put on Converse Got and say goodbye to the school. And a coronation time that was very exhausting for the kids since they were at home, kindergartens are now having to catch Corradi. The period of the Crown had a big impact on the children.

Many children were at home and were not even allowed to attend kindergarten. And now we are really starting to reintegrate the children into groups. I found this to be really important. You are important. And others are important too, because they sense it, co-creating the interaction. Juliane Brechtel considers it especially important to invest in early childhood education to strengthen parenting with other children. It is an investment in the future of society. Because if we manage to dress the children in a community and create something there that will benefit society in all areas

Hünfeld Youth Festival: Praise in the Park

The festival season is coming to an end, but there are still a few occasions to enjoy the good weather and celebrate with friends in September. For example, at Praise im Park in Hünfeld, the largest youth festival in the Diocese of Fulda. The former monastery park in Hünfeld will become the festival venue on September 10. A program of workshops, concerts and services awaits visitors there. It starts at 10 am. Tickets are € 24 for the program, bands and all you can eat. You can find all the information here

Biblical wine tasting

On Saturday, at the Heckenmühle Winzerhof near Simmershausen in Rhön, something special awaits us: the biblical wine tasting. In addition to wine tasting, biblical stories are in the spotlight. There is also a guided tour of the vineyard and grape trivia. More information and registration is available here

Start the new school year with a picnic blanket

New school, change of teachers, new neighbors: the time after holidays is exciting and brings many surprises to students. In Wetzlar in the meadow in front of St. Markus has a picnic service about starting school. The motto on Friday, September 9 at 4 pm is: “Get started!”. Families meet on picnic blankets and eat, sing, make crafts and pray together. This time, a large rocket is to be built on which children will be able to write their wishes for the new school year. So pack your picnic basket and head to Wetzlar!

Hit from Heaven Sunday 2022

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Joanna Osborne.

On September 18, there will be a special “music” service once again across Hesse. Once a year on “Hit-From-Heaven-Sunday” the pop song from the FFH playlist takes center stage in many Hessian churches. This year, the Hessians chose “One of Us” from Joan Osborne.

There are over eighty churches in total. During the services, guests can exchange ideas and talk about their experiences with God and what they would like to ask Him. And of course there is a lot of singing. With bands, solo singers and gospel choirs. In some communities, even new choirs were created especially for Hit From Heaven Sunday.

Soon you will find out where and when such a service takes place in your area.

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