Jazz at its best at Bayreuth Jazz November 9-13 November 2022

Jazz in Bayreuth November 2022

Jazz fans have known him for years far beyond Bayreuth: Jazz November. Celebrities and newcomers will be coming to Bayreuth again this year – with a special feature: in 2022, the “Bavaria State Jazz Festival” will also be a series of events.

And as Jazz Forum is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, Bavarian Minister of Science and Art Markus Blume has assumed patronage over Jazz November. Reason enough for the organizers to raise the bar: the festival starts a day earlier than usual and offers even more concerts. From 9/11. until 13.11. In three different venues in Bayreuth, jazz is at its best.

All information about concerts, artists and online ticket booking at www .jazz -novem ber .de.

Jazz November 2022: from happy to rock

The four main concerts at 7.30pm in Bechersaal will be international and top class.

On 9/11. The Bavarian State Jazz Group opens Jazz November, and with it the Bavarian State Jazz Festival. The stage is performed by none other than Bavarian improvisation stars such as Claus Reichstaller, Lutz Häfner, Paulo Morello, Tizian Jost, Henning Sieverts and Bastian Jütte.

The particles come from the south of England. 10.11. the trio gives an insight into his view of jazz combined with bop, world music and pop. The tones of three musicians, among the best young jazz musicians in England, come together bit by bit.

On 11/11. is a “supergroup” on the stage: Rymden, whose members are well known to jazz fans. Norwegian Bugge Wesseltoft (formerly New Conception Jazz) and Swedes Magnus Öström and Dan Berglund (formerly Esbjörn Svensson Trio) playfully deal with their passion. Here, pop sounds are combined with jazz improvisations, this is not a new concept, but definitely on a new level. “We like this Scandinavian prog metal,” Bugge said in 2019, and you can hear it all over the set.

“Rock on” is the motto on November 12th. With his Jokers project, the French accordionist Vincent Peirani shows how you can perfectly combine jazz and a strong guitar. With the help of Italian guitarist Federico Casagrande and Israeli drummer Ziv Ravitz, they create a hybrid of jazz, rock and film noir. Thanks go to Nine Inch Nails and Marylin Manson – or rather to their pieces, which the Jokers have reinterpreted in a virtuoso way alongside some of their own compositions.

Last concert in Bechersaal on November 13. will be characterized by the sounds of the Marius Neset Quartet saxophone. The Norwegian is currently one of the best the European jazz scene has to offer. The media talks about the endless artistry of circular breathing at extreme bebop speed, a miracle. Marius Neset leads his instrument technically with exceptional virtuosity, while remaining up-to-date musically and emotionally. His three colleagues at the piano, bass and drums provide the sound carpet.

Late concert 10/11. 10.30 pm takes place at the House of Culture and Art at 9 1/2 on Gerberplatz. Although the MOVE String Quartet is from Berlin, its musicians come from France, Austria, Portugal and the USA. And so the compositions of the German-American cellist Susanne Paul sound as if they were from all over the world: weaving patterns from different countries, from rock to tango to Brazilian music, in jazz guise to dance together and enjoy them.

Two late concerts and – new – Sunday afternoon concert will take place on the cabaret stage in the center of Ęußere Badstraße.

For a late concert on 11.11. I invite you to Immortal Onion, a Polish young trio that does not want to be pigeonholed. Minimal meets progressive metal, film music with electro influences, and of course there is a spark of jazz above everything that always ignites the air. Sometimes very delicate, sometimes a little distant, with strong accents that penetrate under the skin.

On 11/12 he stands on the trumpet at a late concert – a woman is playing! – the center of attention. Angela Avetisyan 4tet moves between jazz, pop, rock and funk. Own compositions are intertwined with interpretations of world hits, be it Coldplay or Massive Attack. It’s gonna be chilly, perfect soundtrack for a Saturday night.

On November 13 at 4.30 pm it will be time for very young ideas. After all, Jazz November is also the perfect stage for promising emerging musicians – such as the Nico Theo Quintet. The formation led by Nico Theodossiadis has won a number of awards in recent years, crowned in 2022 with the second place at the European Jazz Competition in Burghausen and the 1st place at the Jazz Competition of the Bavarian Jazz Association. Admission to this concert is free for everyone.

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Bavarian State Jazz Festival 2016, the traveling event was brought to life by the Bavarian Jazz Association, which has since been run by jazz clubs and clubs in various Bavarian municipalities. The festival aims to strengthen Bavaria’s jazz culture and open it to new audiences.

New location in Jazz November 2022: the cabaret scene in the center

In addition to Bechersaal and the Kunst- und Kulturhaus Neunhalb (former Gerberhaus podium), a third place is added to the program this year: the cabaret scene in the center on Ęußere Badstrasse. Two late concerts and a Sunday afternoon concert will be held in an intimate hall in the Bayreuth Hall.

About Bayreuth Jazz Forum

Jazzforum Bayreuth is a registered association that has existed since 1982. We make sure that you can regularly hear top-class live jazz in Bayreuth and invite international artists to the city. Every year we organize 15 to 20 club concerts and Jazz November, the only jazz festival in northern Bavaria. This commitment to culture has been well received: we have already won the coveted APPLAUS (formerly Venue Program Award) six times.

More information about the Bayreuth Jazz Forum at https: // www .jazz -bay reuth .de /.

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