Konstanz: Die Toten Hosen and Die Ęrzte are coming – everything fans need to know about concerts

If anyone has experience with big concerts at the Bodenseestadion in Konstanz, it’s Dieter Bös from Kokon Entertainment. He has organized Rock am See there 30 times. With upcoming concerts, Toten Hosen and die Ęrzte are now building on their old successes.

Both teams have been to Konstanz several times and they know each other very well. What do both teams have in common? They have been popular for decades, “they have stayed true to each other through change, they are friends and they meet again and again,” says Dieter Bös.

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Are there any tickets for Toten Hosen yet?

This Toten Hosen concert on Saturday, September 3, was sold out for three weeks, reports Dieter Bös. “A total of 25,000 people will be on site, including guests and staff.” Including 200 employees of security companies.

When is the introduction and when does the concert start?

The door opens at 4:00 PM, the concert starts at 6:30 PM. Before Toten Hosen is let loose at the All for Love stadium, 40 years of Toten Hosen, Royal Republic and Leoniden are opening. Dieter Bös is already looking forward to the concert, even if the band is visiting for the eighth time, because “there is always something new and exciting”.

Are there any tickets for Die Ęrzte?

Advance sale of tickets for the “Buffalo Bill in Rome” tour Doctors on Saturday, September 10, the Konstanz Bodenseestadion are going just as well. “There are still a few tickets and returns left,” says Dieter Bös, who assumes the doctors concert will soon sell out. Tickets are available on the Kokon Entertainment website.

When is the introduction and when does the concert start?

Admission on Saturday, September 10 at 16.00, the concert begins at Before the doctors arrive, Lüt and – instead of Panteón Rococó – are played by Shirley Holmes.

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How do the visitors get to the stadium?

Dieter Bös recommends that the people of Konstanz come on foot, by bike or by bus. Those arriving from outside by car can purchase a parking ticket on the Kokon website so fans can park their car at Konstanz Airport and transfer to the shuttle bus.

What buses go to the concert venue?

The following buses from Stadtwerke Konstanz will offer shuttle services, as you can read on the Kokon website: Line 1 from the Konstanz ferry, line 5 from Konstanz train station and line 6 from the industrial area. These buses transport the participants of the concert to specially prepared stops in the area of ​​the event.

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Who is allowed to go to the Bodenseestadion and who is not?

Children between the ages of 6 and 15 are only allowed to enter when accompanied by a guardian or legal guardian. People aged 16 and 17 and older may stay at the event area until midnight. The organizers have announced that strict age controls are in place when serving drinks.

What is not allowed on the concert site?

“90 percent are experienced concert goers. I don’t have to tell them that no pets, weapons or umbrellas are allowed on the premises, ”says Dieter Bös nonchalantly. Nevertheless, the home page has a detailed list of what you can and cannot take with you.

About bags: Bags or backpacks not larger than DIN A4 are allowed. By the way, if you want, you can get hearing protection for free at concerts at the sales booth and at the information desk.

Can I bring drinks?

Empty 0.5 liter PET deposit bottles with the unscrewed stopper can be brought to the concert venue. Adequate water intake points will be located at the concert site.

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Are there any traffic restrictions?

From Saturday 7:00 am to Sunday 2:00 am, the entrance to the Horn parking lot from the Eichhornstraße / Jakobstraße intersection is closed to general traffic (exception: disabled vehicles, vans and priority vehicles). The same applies to Eichhornstraße from Hermann-Hesse-Weg to Jakobstraße and Jakobstraße from Eichhornstraße north of the access road to Seehalde (exception: motorcycles, bicycles and regular traffic, local traffic).

In addition, admission (except for residents) to the Alpsteinweg is prohibited. In addition, Eichhornstraße will be closed to vehicle traffic from the intersection with Mainaustraße (except motorcycles, bicycles, disabled vehicles, delivery vehicles, emergency vehicles, regular services and residents’ traffic). The entry to Jakobstraße in the direction of Horn at the junction with Hermann-von-Vicari-Straße / Lindauer Straße will also be closed at this time.

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After the end of the event in question around midnight, the Eichhornstraße from Hermann-Hesse-Weg to Jakobstraße and Jakobstraße from Eichhornstraße north of the entrance to Seehalde will be closed to all vehicles for approximately 60 minutes as a traffic-calming effect. Scheduled traffic and general vehicle traffic on these roads are slowed down in accordance with the instructions of the police.

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