Earthquake Reports – Does It Really Exist?

Seismographs confirm: concerts can shake the earth. This is what happened with the doctors from Tempelhofer Feld.Photo: dpa / Axel Heimken

Last weekend Die Ęrzte played their concerts at Berlin’s Tempelhofer Feld. In the days that followed reported the phenomenon which has already caused a stir several times: earthquakes.

We are talking here about big concerts where the synchronous jumping of people made the ground tremble. To teams who achieve this, it sounds like a perfect advertisement. But what is behind it: are quakes really earthquakes – and if so, are they dangerous?

Bands that shake the ground

First, a quick overview: As strange as it may sound, different bands have hit headlines like this. In addition to the Florence + The Machine doctors, they also attended the Tempelhof Sounds Festival, reported Watson.

Also in Berlin, but this time at the Olympic Stadium, Coldplay was able to shake the earth at their concert on July 9. According to Twitter, the fluctuations around 10:24 PM were not only felt by people in their own four walls, but also recorded and recorded by seismographs.

Andreas Gabalier also arrived in Munich on August 6: 100,000 fans caused ground fluctuations there which, according to expert Jens Skapski of “” (via “”), led to clear results.

And before it seems that such shocks are a new phenomenon: No, in recent years there have been reports of earthquakes caused by concerts – such as at the Kraftklub in 2017.

What exactly is shaking?

Due to the accumulation of this phenomenon, the Geoforschungszentrum Potsdam has classified it a long time ago: This was confirmed, for example, by RBB: that thousands of people jumping at the same time can surely make the earth tremble. In this process, the energy penetrates the ground and spreads further there, which can also be measured.

However, in the scientific sense, it is not referred to as an earthquake. For this, two blocks of rock would have to hit each other, which is not the case at a concert. The very term “earthquake” is basically not correct for the concert, “shaking” is more appropriate. Rolling Stone recently affectionately called it “sweet earthquake.”

Does that make concerts dangerous?

You usually don’t understand the movements. In one exceptional case, such as the aforementioned Kraftklub concert in Leipzig, which talked about “shaking walls”, the fire department points to very loose ground beneath the Arena district. This is very sensitive as the vibrations go directly to the groundwater and are therefore transmitted over very long distances.

However, in the movements of the recent doctors’ concerts in Berlin, the seismographs recorded as much as 1.3 magnitudes. Not only does this happen around 8,000 times a day, according to experts, it is also almost imperceptible on a smooth road. On the other hand, it can be easily moved to taller buildings. So if you live on the tenth floor, you may have to be prepared for paintings hanging crookedly. However, nothing else happens.

Bela B. inspired fans all over Germany with doctors this summer.

Bela B. inspired fans all over Germany with doctors this summer.Image: Covers

By the way: At metal concerts, where one could suggest a particularly strong shock, this is the least recorded. This is also what “” says: “Only if all guests stay in the same rhythm for an extended period of time can a vibration force be achieved, which can also be measured and above all felt away from the event venue.” It’s a rare phenomenon in metal that tends to headbang rather than jump in sync.


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