Nuremberg: ‘Kulturoase’ multi-week concert event canceled

  • Nuremberg: “Oasis of Culture 2022” Power not to take place – The concert series has been canceled
  • “Of course it’s exhausting”: the organizer received no authorization for the location
  • events this is why no open space out of necessity blown away – organizers “Frustrated”
  • club z harsh criticism to the authorities – The city denies the allegations

Nuremberg’s “Oaza Kultury 2022” is canceled. With a heavy heart, the organizers canceled the series of concerts. Reason: Kulturoasis eV is incorporated no open space where an event lasting several weeks may have taken place. The organizers practice in this area harsh criticism in the city of Nuremberg. Objection: The city reacted to any suggestions for a suitable place with a refusal. They are partially justified “Funny arguments” mentioned criticizes a member of the association. On the other hand, the city clearly denies the guilt – and even counters.

Kulturoase 2022 canceled: the concert series in Nuremberg was not approved by the city

A series of events was created that lasted for several weeks as a result of the crown pandemic. According to the sponsoring association, the aim is to make the location available to the independent scene in order to give cultural actors a chance to act and compensate for financial losses. The event was held for the first time in 2020 Marientorzwinger instead. Last year, numerous concerts attracted visitors to the former one AEG website on the Muggenhofer Strasse.

This year, however, despite long searches, the organizers could not find a suitable open space where they could create an “oasis of culture”. The disappointment in the club is great. “Of course it’s exhausting”Kulturoasis member Christof Seeger emphasized in an interview “Our problem was that we always had problems with the administration.” So they are all Location suggestions the association was rejected by the city of Nuremberg. The arguments were different, but the result was always the same. “It was always said: it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work,” reports the 54-year-old, clearly frustrated.

The AEG website has since been torn down. “It was a one-off,” explains Seeger. In return, it lacks solutions and alternative suggestions from the city regarding the appropriate event space. “We asked about the first area in March.” But proposed Location at Richard-Wagner-Platz has not been approved by the authorities. There was also no green light for the city sculpture garden at the New Museum.

“So move to the countryside”: The 54-year-old does not understand the harassment of the locals

Whether it’s a real estate office, construction department or Sör – the city has always had reservations about the proposed sites for this year’s oasis of culture or reacted with hesitation and slowness. As an argument for the cancellation, inter alia, ruined state of the location – or disturbing residents. “It always makes me very nervous”the 54-year-old said, referring to complaints from downtown residents. The music ended at 10pm and the guests left the square by 11pm, notes Seeger. His proposal for residents living in a large city: “So move to the country.”

On another occasion, the threat to trees prevented a planned event from being allowed. “Quarrel is so ridiculous”complains Seeger. “Then why maybe? “A skirt in the park” happen? Are there no trees there? ” – he asks rhetorically. Authorities repeatedly gave negative responses.

The disappointment of the club members is tough. “Unfortunately, this year there is a situation where there is space, but it is very difficult and difficult to use it I probably didn’t want to will be ”, write Kulturoasis on their Facebook page.

The city of Nuremberg takes a position on the allegations – and counters: “Alternative area offered not addressed”

The city of Nuremberg defends its actions and defends itself against the charges brought against it. “The Kulturoasis eV association asked, inter alia, for the creation of a city sculpture garden at the New Museum for 2022, explains Andreas Schade of the city’s culture department. These and other public areas designated by the association would: for various reasons it is incompatible with the “extensive event concept” over a period of three weeks.

As arguments, the researcher cites the size of the area, fears of the fire brigade, escape routes, existing technical equipment or the protection of trees and green areas. “To those from the city alternative space offered there is a club in the immediate vicinity of the sculpture garden Not Received”, Emphasizes Schade at the same time.

Last year, a decision of the culture committee made available special funds in the total amount of EUR 100,000 for the promotion of outdoor events through local cultural initiatives. “It was from there not a small amount claims Kulturoasis eV, ”says Schade. 2022 will also be one of them financial assistance the project of the association in the amount of 20,000 euros approved. An application has also been made for an additional “permanent grant” from Kulturoasis in the amount of EUR 20,000 per year.

“Frustrated but not disappointed”: organizers count on “Cultural Oasis 2023”

“Also already found first talks between the city administration and club representatives to establish a suitable location for the 2023 ‘oasis of culture’ project, ‘says Schade.

At New edition of the series of concerts in Nuremberg the organizers also say – despite negative experiences this year. “We are frustrated but not disappointed,” Facebook responsible people said belligerently.

Christof Seeger also speaks in the interview “abrasion”. Nevertheless, he also emphasizes: “But we will not give up, we will try.”

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