Ben Zucker and his sister in Eisenhüttenstadt on the open-air stage: tickets, admission, transport, parking

On September 4, the final of the Hütte summer concert will take place on the open-air stage in Eisenhüttenstadt. Also after Roland Kaiser and the city festival stupidMichael Schulte (for at least three songs, then the storm came) i Alexander Knappe Music fans can experience their stars up close in Steel City. It will be on Sunday sugar ben be the center of attention on stage. And not only him, the singer’s sister Sarah appears in the inaugural act.

Then, in 2022, on a beautiful facility in the Diehlo mountains, it will end. But in the final there is a significant difference to the other concerts. The organizer, Stefan Reschke, specifically pays attention to this.

A different time than the previous concerts

Since that time concert takes place on Sunday rather than Saturday, the opening and starting times of the event are slightly different. “It all starts an hour earlier than many people are used to,” says Reschke. “Admission is from 5:00 PM, starts at 7:00 PM.” And he has additional information: “Please do not bring drinks or chairs with you. Everything else has to be returned – as is already the case Roland Kaiser on the stadium.”

But of course, no one has to endure hunger and thirst on the open-air stage as well. Drinks and snacks are available at dinner or between meals. Nobody has to worry about toilets either.

They are located behind the entrance area outdoor scene.

If you are coming by car, this can be done for an additional fee outdoor scene Park in the parking lot on Bergstraße – that is, in front of the path leading to the stage on the right. But if the concert-goers want to stretch their legs a bit – the weather is supposed to be good – there may also be a central square by the town hall. It’s 1.5 kilometers from there. You can get from A to B in a good quarter of an hour. After that, you can see a piece of the city monument area.

Tickets are still available there

But who is it exactly? sugar benwho was born in Ueckermünde in 1983? The singer had his breakthrough in 2017 with his debut single “Na und ?!”. his style? It cannot be put in the category of a typical blockbuster. His music is too rock for that. Zucker, whose real name is Benjamin Fritsch, already has it Helene Fischer they accompanied them on a tour of the stadium. In his latest album (2022) “What we have is forever”, he remembers five successful years.

He will certainly perform songs on Sunday with guests outdoor scene to share.

Incidentally, tickets are still available. If you prefer to buy them in person, you can stop by Drinks Reschke on Gubener Straße. But you can still buy tickets online through Eventim. There, bookers will find a ‘ticketdirect’ option, so they can buy it and then print it out. If tickets are still available, they will also be available at the box office on Sunday.

Almost always smiling: Stefan Reschke, just before Roland Kaiser's concert at the Waldstrasse stadium.

Almost always smiling: Stefan Reschke, just before Roland Kaiser’s concert at the Waldstrasse stadium.
© Photo: Janet Neiser

Stefan Reschke is looking forward to the final and is counting on a good atmosphere. That the people of Eisenhüttenstadt can celebrate, they saw at a concert by Roland Kaiser proven. His advice: Better get your tickets in advance and only use the cash desk for emergencies.

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Incidentally, Stefan Reschke was even the subject of this year’s laser show at the Eisenhüttenstadt city festival. At least after … Roland Kaiser brought to a steel city and turning the stadium into a concert arena, his name is known to almost all generations.

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