“Kirby’s Dream Buffet” in the test – sweet fun – test the game

“Kirby’s Dream Buffet” may actually be another collection of games – but the test turns out to be sweet fun for the young and the young at heart.

Kirby just got it! After the hit game “Kirby and the Lost Land” comes another adventure of our favorite pink ball on Nintendo Switch. And this comes as a collection of mini-games about almost anything devouring creature – which is surprisingly cute to play. A surprising thing: the game costs only about 15 euros in the Nintendo eShop. According to your insatiable appetite, “Kirby’s Dream Buffet” will take you to a land full of sweetness, preferably also in pink or at least other bright colors and with very simple control options.

Don’t expect a storyline in the game, we only focus on mini-games and different modes. But the first positive surprise can already be seen in the menu, where you can not only choose the mode, but also wander around as the protagonist. It also gives fans an overview of Kirby’s career and some of his best games – a nice tribute to the game’s 30th anniversary. A separate menu item lists additional unlockable content, most of which will open automatically during the game.

A minor matter, but great fun

The three main game modes don’t offer a huge range, but they’re so fun you’ll want to restart them, especially in the bigger party round. If you select the Minigame menu item, it’s usually just one thing: in the more or less large game world, the player turns as Kirby and tries to suck out the strawberries, which makes the character heavier and heavier. The goal is to get the most weight on the scales at the end of the round. Players in trials can be difficult to move and a handful of special skills.

The Race game mode, on the other hand, changes the gameplay a bit. It’s still about sucking strawberries and sweets, but this time the fastest way is parkour, which takes you through the three hills in the game world. Why? Because each bite of a meal not only makes our character heavier, but also faster – sounds funny, but it’s true. On the way to the “finish”, the player also encounters typical Kirby opponents, as well as fairly simple traps, walls and the like. And against enemies, Mario Kart-style items such as Slowing Jelly can be used.

Totally chaotic Battle Royale makes him laugh

As in the two previously mentioned modes, the four players also meet in Battle Royale. It is also a confusing and very chaotic mode. In a slightly larger game world than the other two modes, it’s once again about eating everything you can find, but here with a slightly longer time limit (in the other modes it’s usually 30 to a maximum of 60 seconds) and tons of items, skills, and laughs. Thus, the person who will be first in the rounds does not necessarily have an advantage – a crazy NPC is chasing him and wants to get his candies.

There are even light approaches to combat as opponents can be pushed off the map by earning players some of their goodies like cakes and cupcakes. Anyone who initially feels overwhelmed by what’s going on can try out tactics and items in Free Roam and fine-tune their strategy there. However, in Battle Royale it is not done too tactically, and many decide by accident. It doesn’t detract from the fun of playing, though, as the entire Nintendo Switch title is clearly designed to be a fun game for younger players.

The game makes all other players happy

If you want to experience the “full program” you can also start the “Grand Prix” which consists of a mini-game and two races and a battle royale. The game cleverly ensures that even players who are far behind can win in the end – almost like in “Mario Party” games. Firstly, there are more points for Battle Royale than for previous contests, and secondly, all players are also rewarded for various actions, such as collecting certain treats. Nintendo is making a commendable attempt to please all players.

During the game, you will automatically advance your character by level, unlocking the aforementioned rewards. This includes lots of crazy costumes for Kirby, as well as new maps and music. The variety of ways to play is one of the greatest attractions of the game – alone against AI controlled opponents, in pairs against or against each other on a local split screen or with three players online, anything is possible. Overall, the game technology should be praised – the graphics are very simple, but colorful and beautiful to look at. The controls are easy to learn.

Candy fun for professionals and novices alike

Music that puts you in a good mood is never annoying and is as sweet as the rest of the game. What’s especially nice is that the principle of the game can be understood by completely new players in seconds – and that doesn’t necessarily make gaming pros automatic winners, but also opens up new opportunities. Just when it comes to playtime across modes and rounds, Nintendo should be a bit more generous, it’s a shame most of them end after just 30 seconds. Generally, however, do not expect gigantic content for a cheap game.

Kirby’s Dream Buffet is sweet fun for the next party and also offers younger players easy access to fun rounds. What we really missed in the test is at least a rudimentary story, but the game only offers a choice between different modes. The graphics, technology and accessibility are commendable and for the price, Kirby’s Dream Buffet is a very hot tip for pink wolverine fans as well as party game lovers. On the other hand, purely single players should see quite a few modes and maps fairly quickly.

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