It was a doctors concert in Minden (Ticker)

A total of 40,000 doctor fans in Minden. How was the mega-event? Here is our ticker:

23:30 The return journey begins: 40,000 guests had a pleasant evening. As expected, waiting times apply on departure.

6:00 pm: Have fun! Because it will start soon: with “Drangsal” the first support appears on the stage, and then at 6:50 pm “New Model Army” before the concert “Die Ęrzte”. The city of Minden reminds you that from 22.00 the Kaiserstrasse will be completely closed from the Wesertor and Viktoriastrasse intersection to the Bahnstrasse intersection. The Hausberger Strasse from the intersection with Kaiserstrasse to junction B 65 will also be closed from 22:00. After 22.00 only departing guests can use the Hausberger Straße in the direction of the B 65.

5:30 PM: The concert hall fills up, but not all visitors have reached the chancellor’s pasture. Drivers on Hausberger Strasse still need to be patient, and the B61 between Bad Oeynhausen and Porta Westfalica can also be slow. In addition, the complete closure of the A30 near Bad Oeynhausen still causes delays on arrival. Apparently there are also problems with bus transport. Supporters of doctors stand at bus stops in Porta Westfalica-Hausberge and have been waiting in vain for three quarters of an hour for a bus to Minden.

5:00 PM: The city of Minden asks: no longer enter the parking lots in the city center. According to the regulator, capacity is exhausted. There are still free parking spaces in the pre-concert car parks as well as in the multi-storey car parks in the Obermarkt and Marienwall passages.

4.50pm: Another hour, then the first act of opening the “Drangsal” begins. Crowds of people are still moving around the center of Minden. You can walk from Simeonsplatz – there is a central bus car park here – from the train station and from the car parks to the event venue. The lines in front of the eastern entrances are currently long.

4.15pm: The arrears on the Hausberger Straße for the parking lot before the concert are getting longer: the line of cars on the B65 to the B482 has returned. The police ask you to reach the end of the traffic jam on the expressway at a reasonable speed.

3:50 PM: Waiting for thousands of fans in front of the entrances is over: the gates to the concert venue open with a delay of around twenty minutes. Many visitors run to the breakwaters in front of the stage to get the best spots, our reporters on site report.

15:20: A serious accident on the A30 towards Osnabrück, just after the Dehme exit, causes problems. As the B482 is closed, the Dehme exit must be used by fans coming from the A2. Due to the overflow, they are currently unable to continue their journey to Minden. this Motorway police have blocked the A30 from Bad Oeynhausen Ost, traffic is diverted via Mindener Straße and the B61 towards Minden.

3pm: More and more doctor fans flock to the concert venue. A long line of cars has formed on the Hausbergerstrasse to the on-site parking lots. Around 6,500 parking spaces are available there, and another 3,500 in the city center. Anyone coming on foot or by train can use the entrances “Ost 1” and “Ost 2”. There are secure bicycle parking spaces on the Kaiserstraße and bicycle parking spaces next to the government building in Weserglacis. Entry in half an hour.

2.40 pm: Fans in front of the entrances to the concert zone set the mood: At the entrance to East 1 you play, sing and drink in the sun. Also, some people are still trying to sell tickets in front of the entrances, says our on-site reporter Anna Strathmeier.

2.30 pm: One hour before entering, the situation in the streets around Minden is calm. According to the police, there were no significant difficulties, such as traffic jams. Hundreds of concert-goers are now standing in front of the entrances, waiting to enter the venue.

14:10: Doctors completed the sound check. Live music could be heard far in the city center! The performance in front of 40,000 fans is planned from 20.15

1:55 pm: Doctors fans arriving on the A2 can take a breath: the motorway is free again after a truck fire near Herford

13.50: Farin Urlaub, Bela B and Rodrigo Gonzales came to Minden! Visitors to the ship’s mill hear the doctors’ sound check.

13.30: The accident near the Weser Bridge in Porta Westfalica-Hausberge caused only short traffic delays. After the collision, two cars had to be towed away. There was no damage.

13:00: Doctors fans are still stuck in traffic jams on A2 near Herford. The traffic police hope that the rescue work will be completed by 2 p.m.

12:45: As reported by the city of Minden, the reception of the event site took place in the morning with the participation of the organizer Stratmann Event GmbH & Co. KG, building law, regulatory authority, police and fire brigades. Checked, among others fencing, marking emergency exits, emergency exits, terrorist barriers, booths and fire extinguishers there, as well as the back of the stage.

Noon: Minden promenade is reportedly fuller than other Saturdays. Among the visitors to the BÜZ flea market and the “Martini at twelve” one can already see some of the concert goers wearing doctor’s shirts. The situation in the car park is still calm. There are still a few vacancies in the city center and in the foreground parking lots. There are no major traffic jams on the roads around Minden.

11:00: Doctor fans from afar are stuck in a traffic jam on A2. In the morning, a truck fire near Herford caused considerable difficulties.

All information regarding arrival and departure can be found here.

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