The new festival in Munich: Barefoot in the sea of ​​lights Superbloom – Kultur

When you do something for the first time, it rarely goes to plan. However, this only applies to a limited extent at the Munich Superbloom festival. Because the creator of the two-day event at the Munich Olympic Park is none other than Fruzsina Szép. She already managed well-known brands such as Sziget in Budapest and Lollapalooza in Berlin. He is currently the program director of Superbloom, the first large outdoor festival in the Olympic Park since 2016.

“I just got there,” Szép said in a news conference on Sunday afternoon. “I felt the park vibrate.” She and the event team are incredibly grateful that the festival, after being postponed twice due to the coronavirus, was finally able to take place.

Not all fans could see Calvin Harris perform

There were 60 concerts on six stages, reportedly about 50,000 people were guests – reason enough for Szép to announce, “We’ll play Superbloom next year too.” The first weekend of September has been rescheduled as the date. Until then, the event team wondered how best to avoid this year’s mistakes. “We listen and face criticism,” said Szép, looking at the first day of the event.

On Saturday night, guests complained that despite the tickets they were unable to see Calvin Harris, one of the main performers. “They made people wait in front of the standing area for centuries and then put them in the ranks,” reported a guest on TikTok. However, the front floors were completely overcrowded, so the entries to the Olympic stage were soon closed.

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