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ARD 2022 Music Competition – Trombone

A real concert

September 7, 2022 by Rita Argauer

The semi-final is the distance between the individual rounds of the ARD music competition. But exciting. The final is approaching, the participants have to show for the first time that they can play a real concert together with the orchestra. Six candidates and one candidate advanced to the third round of the competition in the trombone category. Together with the Munich Chamber Orchestra, they played concerts by Albrechtsberger and Michael Haydn. But the semi-final is also a round of commissioned work. And this was performed with the trombones in the presence of the composer

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In the semi-finals, the trombones play very classically. The program includes trombone concerts by Johann Georg Albrechtsberger and Michael Haydn. Composed strictly according to the rules of the Viennese classical period. The Munich Chamber Orchestra accompanies the harpsichord. Jazz, coolness and nonchalance of qualifying rounds have given way to raw form.

Semi-finals: a real concert

Polina Tarasenko chose Michael Haydn. The six other candidates play against Albrechtsberger. So does the Australian Jonathon Ramsay, who has been the main trombonist of the Munich Philharmonic since this year. He has an eye for a piece for a long time, but has never performed it with an orchestra: “This is a great opportunity to get to know the details of the playing. I spent some time playing it professionally. I hope it will end because I had a great time on stage, ”he explains. And playing with the Munich Chamber Orchestra was “an amazing experience”.

And there is something else that distinguishes this semi-final from the qualifying rounds. It’s not like foreplay anymore. This is a real concert. Festive, with an introduction, audience and orchestra. The contrast with the ordered composition could not be greater. Mike Svoboda composed two etudes for solo trombone. The first is calmer, with long notes encircling the melody. The second fast, rhythmic, fragmented big band sound.

Commissioned work: a tribute to classical music and jazz

For composer Mike Svoboda, his piece is a tribute to classical music and jazz: “These are the two poles on which you move as a trombonist. – says Swoboda. But with some musicians you can hear that they also play jazz.

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There is a lot of room for interpretation. Some, like the British Kris Garfitt, with wit and enthusiasm bring this composed musical story to life very vividly. Others follow the jazzy rhythm and enjoy the musical quotes. Jonathon Ramsay explains that he had a great time preparing the show. “Every time I looked at it, I noticed new compositional ideas in it. There were always new things to play with and maybe I even discovered more music in it. “

The composer willingly accepts various interpretations

Mike Svoboda himself is in the audience all the time. He listens with joy to all candidates, applauds and gives thumbs up. He knew this piece would be played six or seven times, so he wanted to give the performers freedom. Everyone should also be able to show themselves in the game. “Now you can also hear how things can turn out. Of course I am very happy about it, ”says Mike Svoboda.

Final of the ARD competition

The final of the trombones will take place on Friday, September 9th. In addition to Roberto de la Guia Martinez and Kris Garfitt, Jonathon Ramsay was also in the final. It starts at 18:00 in the Prinzregententheater in Munich. You can also follow the final live stream. Just click on this link!

Screening: “Allegro” on September 7, 2022 from 6:05 at BR-KLASSIK

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