Opening of the Guck & Putschelweg in Zitters – hiking, fun and games guaranteed – the Rhön Canal

Guest post by Regina Filler

The mayor of Schleid Bernadett Hosenfeld-Wald and Thomas Schütz, chairman of the local historical association “Kohlbachtal”, shone on Sunday with the inauguration of the new family hiking trail between Kranlucken and Zitters and the Kirchgarten Zitters as meeting places for several generations.

The new 4.5 km long hiking trail is appropriately named Guck- und Putschelweg. About 150 small and large hikers could find out about it. There were great views, idyllic nature and lots of things for the kids to do to explore, climb or splash and splash in the water.

The newly designed church square in Zitters with its water reservoirs fits perfectly into the hiking offer. This was immediately attacked by children who were not disturbed by the speeches at the inauguration. Behind the small mill wheel, Heimatverein gave the fire brigade the order: “Water march”.

After Thomas Schütz had welcomed the hikers at the start of their hike in Kranlucken, Bernadett Hosenfeld-Wald introduced the Kirchplatz Zitters project. The new village center was partially financed by the EU funds for rural areas – LEADER. The combination of existing orchards with modern playgrounds is particularly successful.

In addition to welcoming greetings to official guests, thanks were given to all those involved, whether they were companies or volunteers. Without this support, the family hiking trail and the numerous small and large offers in Kranlucken and Zitters would not be possible.

“None of us can make as much difference as all of us together”Hosenfeld-Wald quoted Eli Wiesel accordingly.

After the place was blessed by deacon Thomas Kranz, staroste Reinhard Krebs (Wartburgkreis) was delighted with the new, successful offers. He also thanked all the partners of the project “The Rhön – Wandering World No. 1 – for LARGE and LARGE hiking boots”, which includes Guck and Putschelweg.

“The quality of the hiking trail also convinced the German Tourism Association”so cancer. In this way, he was able to present the certificate to the mayor and the Kohlbachtal association on behalf of the association.

The route is now one of the “Quality Trails Wanderables Germany – Family Fun” – as one of the three family routes in the Turin Rhön area. They combine hiking with exciting and varied activities for big and small children.

The cooperation project was requested and accompanied by the two districts of Wartburgkreis and Schmalkalden-Meiningen at ARGE IG Südwestthüringen, supported by the regional development association Rhönforum e. V. The aim was to create new hiking offers for families that would make hikers of all ages happy, offer a unique natural experience and combined regional offers.

The entire project was funded by the Free State of Thuringia as part of the state tourism program. Co-financing is provided by the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

The shares were included in the two districts of Wartburgkreis and Schmalkalden-Meiningen. A total of 13 hiking routes have been created in the “family hiking package” – from Meiningen to Bad Salzungen, from Vacha to Oberkatz.

A single, child-friendly logo has been developed for all tracks, which changes into three different colors depending on the length of the track. The Guck and Putschelweg between Kranlucken and Zitters in the municipality of Schleid is one of the medium routes marked with saffron yellow.

Each hiking trail begins with a colorful entrance stele in the colors of the trail and a wind bell. Funded basic equipment also includes an entrance board, a photo wall, a viewfinder and two panoramic sun loungers.

Further equipment and ideas were implemented by the municipalities or associations on a voluntary basis. On Guck and Putschelweg you will find idyllic forest and meadow paths, a water playground in Zitters, a climbing rope with access to a lookout tower, a climbing playground and numerous “little trolls” to show the way.

The three large wooden spirits (with benches) are new, guarding the Putschelplatz on Kohlbach.

Route management for all family hiking trails is organized digitally via the Outdooractive data management system. This ensures that all family hiking trails can also be found on Europe’s largest outdoor platform and appeal to completely new target groups of visitors for an active holiday in Rhön.

Rhön GmbH is an important partner here. The municipalities and associations are responsible for maintaining the paths.

The successful inauguration of course also included Rhön’s hospitality. The cake buffet has been stormed at Zitters. There was ice cream for the little guests.

Then we went on the second section of the circular hiking trail, which clearly impressed all hikers. Finally, everyone in Kranlucken was able to strengthen themselves with a hearty barbecue meal.

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