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Andy Borg reopens his winery: the SWR presenter invites you to two new editions of “Schlager-Spass mit Andy Borg” and sets off on a journey through time with folk music and hits. At the same time, it gives an insight into today’s hits. Start on Saturday, September 10, 2022 at 20:15 on SWR TV. Among the guests at the Andy Borga winery are Marc Pircher, Patrick Himmel, Bata Illic, Rudy Giovannini, 3 times 1 i hit pilots. On Saturday, October 1, 2022, also at 8:15 PM on SWR TV, the next edition of “Schlager-Fiß mit Andy Borg” will take place. They will be there, among others Hansi Hinterseer, Saskia Leppin and Harry Wijnvoord. Ramon Roselly sings a duet with Andy Borg. And the Bavarian party band “i-Düpferl” will show you how to combine hits with accordion classics. Following its broadcast on SWR, “Schlager-Fiß mit Andy Borg” is also available in the ARD media library.

September 10: hits, evergreens and cult hits

Marc Pircher from the Zillertal is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. He appears in a compilation of the biggest hits and a duet with Andy Borg. The “Schneiderwirt Trio” comes from Styria and presents a classic “Styrian custom”. The hit pilots sing “Don’t cry, little Eva” with Andy Borg. Unforgotten is “Stay” by Bonnie Bianco and Pierre Cosso from “La Boum 2” with Sophie Marceau. Patrick Himmel sings the German version. “3 times 1”, three young sisters from Bisingen in the Zollernalb district, are there with evergreen and iconic hits. And Rudy Giovannini from South Tyrol introduces the classic “La Montanara”.

October 1: TV legends, memories and musical news

Hansi Hinterseer appears on “Schlager-Spass mit Andy Borg” on October 1st and presents his new album. There is an encounter with a TV legend: Harry Wijnvoord (“The Price Is Hot”) is a singer – also in a duet with Andy Borg – and resembles his legendary TV show. Other guests include Ramon Roselly, “i-Düpferl”, Geininger from Oberbergisches Land, Sparkle Singers from Alsace, music actress Saskia Leppin and Mario and Christoph from Alpen Trio Tirol.

Andy Borg: I ​​got my first hit exactly 40 years ago

“Today’s stars are yesterday’s newbies,” says Andy Borg, “For today’s newbies to have a great opportunity to present their music to the TV audience, so they can become the stars of tomorrow, this is what we do Schlager – strong fun.” And further: “With us, the audience decides what they like. There is no better qualified jury. ” Andy Borg is personally concerned about the promotion of young musicians in ‘Schlager fun with Andy Borg’, as he points out: ‘I took part in the talent competition in Vienna 41 years ago – and even won it. My first single was my reward – since then my life has turned upside down in just four minutes. “Andy Borg’s first hit” Adios Amor “is 40 in September:” He has given me and many people an incredible number of lucky hits. moments. “

To protect myself from Corona without a studio audience

Ongoing broadcasts and recordings usually take place without a studio audience due to coronavirus protection laws.

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“Schlager fun with Andy Borg”, 09/10/2022, 20:15, SWR TV;

“Schlager fun with Andy Borg”, October 1, 2022, 20:15, SWR TV;

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Episodes of “Schlager-Fiß mit Andy Borg” can also be watched on the ARD media library after being broadcast on SWR TV.

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