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The world’s most beautiful jobs don’t always pay well – but they can be fun. For many professions, you don’t even need a degree.

Stuttgart – consumer prices are becoming more and more expensive, energy shortages are looming, and from October there will also be a gas surcharge. One thing is for sure, the coming months are not rosy for many consumers in Germany. Although the traffic light coalition has opted for several relief packages, many Facebook users consider these measures a drop in the ocean of needs. One measure is currently under criticism.

5 jobs that can be really fun – sometimes even without a degree

From September, a one-off heating subsidy of € 415 will be paid – but only to citizens who receive housing allowance in Germany. This one-time payment “has absolutely no use for the middle class who are on the verge of housing allowance,” writes an angry Facebook user. Everything is nicer when you have one of the top 5 highest paying jobs in Germany, but they don’t have a good reputation in society.

But the work that fills you up may be more important than money – or so he says Uniturm magazinewhich informs you about many professions that can be really fun. Some jobs require a diploma or appropriate training. However, the list also includes a few professions that do not require special qualifications – just have the courage to choose one of the most beautiful jobs:

  • city ​​planner
  • Individual clients
  • Computer games tester
  • Travel writer or reporter
  • Multimedia artist or influencer

Be creative as an urban planner: earnings over 60,000 euros possible

Interestingly, the list only includes jobs that, in principle, anyone can do. Professions such as actors, artists or singers that may be fun but for which you must be known are not listed. But for example, the work of an urban planner, which can be really interesting. As the name suggests, urban planners arrange living space for thousands or millions of people.

The prerequisite, however, is graduation in architecture or civil engineering – but everyone who manages to find a job after graduation not only has a nice job, but also earns a lot. Loud kununu a gross salary of up to 68,300 euros per year is possible. Individual customers – that is, people who shop for others – earn much less.

For fashion connoisseurs and gamers: personal shoppers or computer game testers

However, there are no academic requirements for Personal Shoppers. And if you’re into fashion, you might find your dream job as a personal shopper, which can be really fun. Loud unit tower work requires a great deal of knowledge of human nature and good taste. The annual salary ranges from EUR 25,200 to EUR 38,400. A fun job – but certainly not for everyone. This also applies to computer game testers.

The profession does exist – in the times of the dynamically developing gaming industry, computer game testers are even in demand. However, it should be taken into account that in addition to having fun gambling, IT knowledge and good attention are required. Because the task of a computer game tester is to check new releases and report any bugs to the developer. Nevertheless, the job can be very rewarding if you have a passion for games.

A dream job for avid gamers: a computer game tester – but beware, a talent for games alone is not enough. © Britta Pedersen / dpa

Seeing the world as a travel reporter – nice job, but with a downside

Computer game testers will report from unit tower payable according to experience – hourly rates from 7 to 15 euros are realistic, reports the magazine. on kununu there is no specific information on this. Paying reporters or travel writers is also difficult as in this profession you usually work as a freelancer and have to negotiate your own fees. But you see a lot of the world and you get to know people.

Travel reporters write travel guides or blogs – a talent for photography and video is an advantage. You should also be very flexible at work as you are never in one place for long. However, as a travel reporter you have more freedom than most other professions – perhaps this aspect is particularly attractive at work. Those who prefer a permanent position can also try their hand at being a tour guide. Unlike a travel reporter, a permanent post is more likely here.

Trips with medical care usually lead to exotic countries such as Vietnam.  Photo: Vital Tour
A job that will take you to the most exotic countries in the world: a travel reporter. But work also has its drawbacks. © Tour Vital

Think carefully about your career as an influencer – fun, but also tough competition

The last job on the list is probably the most famous one: a multimedia artist or influencer – which sounds nice and exciting but should be well thought out. Because Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and the company are swarming with influencers who dream of a great career. Very few actually succeed in the end. Nevertheless, work can be fun – so it’s well deserved.

Depending on how famous and successful you are, you earn very well as an influencer. In any case, you shouldn’t get fooled by photos of big celebrities. Everyone starts small and it takes time to come to a serious brand. It is easier in 5 training professions without a diploma, which later promise the highest salary. The advantage of this is that you have a certain guarantee of success.

And especially in times of energy and price crises with record inflation in excess of seven percent, this is certainly an argument that should not be taken lightly. However, many career counselors recommend not only choosing a job based on salary – conversely, the job should also offer perspectives and match your own talents and ideas. This is one of the reasons why internships are an opportunity to get a taste of work, especially at the beginning of your professional career.

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