Little Woodstock Festival: music and folklore fun in Turisede

The climax of the year in the mysterious world of Turisede once again invited people to camp, dance, madness and triumph. As every year, on the first weekend of September, the “FOLKLORUM – Turisedische Festspiele” took place, which delighted thousands of guests on 20 stages with crazy games and various music. In 2023, the “little Przystanek Woodstock” will return to the Neisse and the Neisse – then with a limited number of tickets.

“Two and a half days and nights of being different!”

As every September, friends of cheerful, relaxed or extremely lively music unite with friends of adventures and daring games on the island of happiness. It was the time of folklore and again at its best. For 29 years people have been dancing, celebrating and having fun on the island, directly on the Neisse and behind the Neisse on the Polish side. The neighbors from the tent, who were there for the first time from afar, affectionately called it “Little Woodstock Festival”.

Hardly anyone can imagine the logistical effort put into it by the organizers. If the last two years have been an incalculable time, the Turiseder – as the islanders are so secretly called – are back in top form. One can only say: thank you, thank you, thank you for diving in another time and in a different world for 3 days. To a much better world.

A great start to a weekend of music and adventure

On Friday evening, after the traditional inaugural show, the extremely musical ladies from “Zucker und Zimt” moved the audience to their own world. Their repertoire ranged from Eastern Europe to the Orient, which was a successful start with three violins and lots of dance rhythm.

Medieval band “Irregang” found their fans on the wooden dance stage, and in Hallelujum there was a lot of excitement from “Bohemian Betyars”. On Elfenbühne, Johann Sundermeier produced sounds of a completely different kind than his various flutes, weaving them into a tapestry of sounds with beats, synthesizers and vocals.

The passionate firecrackers “Dragony” really warmed up the audience. Exciting choreographies, shapely girls, but also strong boys delighted the night guests on the Neisse River. After the fire show, “Kallidad”, a Latin American-Australian export that resembled “Kiss” in its adventurous painting, warmed the visitors. The presence of three sympathetic musicians on stage was amazing, no leg could stand the dynamic rhythm that did not require any singing. Few of the dance-crazy guests would like to see each other again next year? There was one everywhere
successful opening on Friday.

The iconic band Rudolstadt “Mokapelle” was quite surprised when on the podium of smugglers, as this stage was called, they encountered a community completely safe for the text. Apparently, all the recidivists from last year, the musicians were amazed, because after just a few minutes the atmosphere was so magnificent – an almost intimate concert in a living room with a selected audience, which together with the musicians celebrated drunken songs. Also with real bottles, by the way – and not just a few. Voices require oiling. And they were. The guests were not forgotten either. The atmosphere at its best. The “Last Instance” filled the large hall on Saturday evening with a brutal romance and brought the masses into dance ecstasy. Musical dreams with a unicorn, a mermaid, but also a shaman were a feast for the eyes and ears of the Thalamus duo.

On Sunday afternoon there was music for dreams from “Namirì”. Latin American folklore mixed with electronic sounds, plus a live flute, djembe and its very characteristic singing, but above all the rhythm, which did not leave any dancer indifferent, introduced the guests to the tent, but also to Nysa at another time. “Like in paradise” felt Roland F., who was lying on the Nysa with a friend and just surrendered to the music of “Namirì” also known as Esteban Guiragossian, and just enjoyed it after 2 turbulent days. “Namirì” himself sang a joint mantra with his dance-loving crowd at the end of the concert and wished everyone that the energy could continue to flow. This concert and his warmth of heart were unforgettable and we hope to see you again next year.

Tickets limited to 16,000 for 2023

Crazy fun and endlessly varied music delighted thousands of visitors this year. 102 artists played for folklore. However, there will be a novelty at the 30th Folklorum. In order to be able to calculate better for the organizers after two arduous years and difficult times, and also not to have to plan any increases, tickets are limited to 16,000 tickets and thus the festival participants – says Jürgen Bergmann. If you want to be there for the 30th anniversary in 2023, you need to hurry and order tickets for these three days of happiness as soon as possible.

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Text and images: Margit Jahn

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