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Numerous concerts and events can be held again at the Lanxess Arena in Cologne in 2022. (Editing) © Andreas Gora / Imago and C. Hardt / Future Image / Imago

Following the restrictions on the crown, major concerts and shows are rescheduled at the Lanxess Arena in Cologne. Overview of the events that are taking place.

Cologne – The Lanxess Arena in Cologne is the largest entertainment arena in Germany. Concerts, events and shows can be followed by around 18,000 people. Due to the coronavirus, many events at the Lanxess Arena had to be canceled in the past. It “permanently hit” the show’s temple, arena boss Stefan Loecher said in an interview with 24RHEIN. From 2022, many concerts and shows may be held again. In addition, some formats from 2021 and 2020 will be caught up. Overview:

Lanxess Arena Cologne: These events, concerts and shows will take place in 2022.

4 enemies September 9, 2022
Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle September 10, 2022
Marianne Rosenberg September 12, 2022
Fire arcade September 14, 2022
Kelly’s machine gun September 17, 2022
Michael Patrick Kelly September 18, 2022
Santiano September 22, 2022
Clueso September 23, 2022
“Easy shqip” concert September 24, 2022
David Garrett September 27, 2022
Apache 207 September 28, 2022
KIZ September 29 (women only) and September 30 (RAP ON HATE Tour) 2022
Kole sings October 2, 2022
Our planet October 3, 2022
Luciano October 7, 2022
Felix Lobrecht October 12, 2022 (additional screening)
Bülent Ceylan October 14, 2022
Cirque de Soleil – Crystal October 19-23, 2022 (seven exhibitions in total)
Swedish House Mafia October 25, 2022
King of Dance October 27, 2022
1LIVE Comedy night in Cologne XXL October 28 and 29, 2022
Kendrick Lamar October 30, 2022
Back street boys October 31, 2022
Let’s dance live November 6, 2022
placebo November 7, 2022
Chris de Burgh and the team November 9, 2022
Jecke 11 November 11, 2022
11th at 11th – songs from Cologne over and over again November 12, 2022
Ina Mueller November 19, 2022
Just red November 20, 2022
Cure November 22, 2022
Sting November 23, 2022
Tree ??? and dark taipan November 24, 2022
Philip Poisel November 30, 2022
Prom night December 2 and 3, 2022
Sasha Grammel December 5, 2022
Bonez MC December 9, 2022
Bryan Adams ̂11. December 2022
Against K. December 12, 2022
Marteria December 17, 2022
Annenmaykanreit December 22, 2022 (additional screening)
Annenmaykanreit December 23, 2022
Kelly’s family December 26, 2022
Ice holidays – a new day January 13-15, 2023
Panic! At the disco 2023 February 24, 2023
Celine Dion March 1, 2023
Jerzy Ezdrasz March 2, 2023
Maneskin – a trip for loud children March 10, 2023
Alligatoah March 16, 2023
Johannes Oerding March 23, 2023
“Masked Singer” April 5, 2023
Disney 100 In Concert – anniversary show April 26, 2023
Andrzej Gabalier May 11, 2023
Herbert Groenemeyer May 27, 2023
Vincent Weiss May 30, 2023

Cologne: American rapper “Machine Gun Kelly” embarks on a concert tour on September 17 at the Lanxess Arena

In 2022, the American rapper “Machine Gun Kelly” will embark on a grand “Mainstream Sellout Tour” through North America and Europe. On September 17, the multi-platinum artist will perform in Cologne at the Lanxess Arena. As part of his European tour, a total of 15 concerts have been planned in Germany and Switzerland.

Santiano at the Lanxess Arena in Cologne: a visitor to Deutz on September 22

“Dear Santiano fans, we have good news for you today !!!” explained the band that was due to perform on May 1, 2022 at the Lanxess Arena on May 9th. The May Day show had to be canceled due to frontman Björn Both’s illness, and the rock band has now announced an alternate date for Cologne. Consequently, sailors will rock Henkelmännchen on September 22, 2022. Ahoy!

Concerts at the Lanxess Arena in Cologne: rap star Kendrick Lamar on October 30

Rap fans attention: Kendrick Lamar, who is arguably the most important rapper in the world right now, is coming to the Lanxess Arena in Cologne. The 34-year-old, who hails from the California suburb of Compton and won the 2018 Pulitzer Prize for his album “DAMN.”, Released his fifth studio album titled “Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers ”and plays for Deutz as part of the world tour. Tickets will be available for pre-sale from May 20, 2022.

Lanxess Arena Cologne: Howling alarm on Halloween – The Backstreet Boys give a concert on October 31st

“Backstreet’s Back, Alright!” is the motto on October 31, 2022 in Cologne when the Backstreet Boys, arguably the most successful boy band of all time, will arrive at the Lanxess Arena. “Everyone”, “I want it this way” and “As long as you love me” – what more could a 90s heart want?

Lanxess Arena in Cologne: “Jecke 11” 11/11. – Opening of the Carnival session in Cologne

On 11/11. is the motto of the Lanxess Arena “Kölle Alaaf”: During the “Die Jecke 11” carnival, up to 4,000 revelers celebrate in the interior. Freddy Braun will host the opening of the session. Also present are Brings, Mo-Torres, Kasalla and Cat Ballou.

Arena Lanxess: “11. at 11. – Cologne songs again and again “- 20 carnival bands there

And also on Saturday, the Cologne Carnival moves to the Lanxess Arena. “We are really happy to see it happen again. We play in the spotlight. It always creates a special atmosphere, ”says Stefan Loecher, head of the Lanxess Arena. After all, the stage is in the middle of Lanxess Arena. “I’m glad we can finally celebrate again. Especially after all this mess. Eventually, we can spread happiness again, ”continues moderator Ken Reise.

“We have a mega show. That is why it will be a mega event, ”summarizes organizer Eberhard Bauer-Hofner. The event will include, among others Marita Köllner, Räuber, Bläck Fööss, Lupo, Miljö, Brings, Höhner and Mo-Torres „11. on 11. 2022 “on.

Lanxess Arena: Sting Police frontman dismissed at Deutz April 13 – November 2022 catch-up date

This is always a problem with the band’s former soloists – but British musician Sting shows that he can act decisively and extremely effectively. Everyone knows the solo hits of the former “The Police” frontman, such as “Englishman in New York” and “Fields of Gold” – if you want to hear them live, you should come to the Lanxess Arena on April 13th. But the concert had to be canceled in a short time – Corona cases in the concert team. It is now clear when the “My Songs Tour” stop in Cologne will be made up: On November 23, 2022, the successful musician will play at Deutz. Tickets for the canceled concert in April remain valid.

Lanxess Arena in Cologne: Bryan Adams moves the show from March 21 to December 11, 2022.

Bryan Adams was scheduled to make a stop at the Lanxess Arena in Cologne on March 21 as part of the “So Happy It Hurts” tour. Now fans have to wait a bit. “Unfortunately, ticket holders still need to be patient as all concerts in Germany will be postponed to the end of 2022. The new NRW-exclusive date at “Henkelmännchen” is December 11, 2022, explains the arena. “I’m looking forward to my concerts in Germany and I hope we can all finally enjoy live music without a disability,” says Bryan Adams himself.

Events Lanxess Arena Cologne: Cologne boys from AnnenMayKantereit on the day before Christmas Eve

Just before Christmas, there is something for et Kölsche Hätz: The three guys from AnnenMayKantereit may not sing Kölsch, but they know how to hit the hearts of fans like hardly any other Cologne band. The best proof of this is the home anthem “Tommi”, in which vocalist Henning May expresses his homesickness for Cologne. This song is sure to be one of the highlights when the guys from Cologne make a guest appearance at the Lanxess Arena shortly before Christmas Eve. Tickets are available from 37 euros. In addition to the originally scheduled AnnenMayKantereit concert on December 23, the day before, on December 22, there will be an additional concert.

Events Lanxess Arena Cologne: Herbert Grönemeyer May 27, 2023

Herbert Grönemeyer will play at the Lanxess Arena on May 27, 2023. Tickets for the Grönemeyer concert in Cologne are available from 59.95 euros. There will also be shows in Dortmund, Munich and Mannheim during the Grönemeyer Tour 2023. (as above) More news on page 24RHEIN. Tip: informed daily about what is happening in Cologne – just subscribe to our free 24RHEIN newsletter. The text is constantly updated.

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