Even more fun: the Spreefüxxe start the season

Swarm in your fingers. “I’m looking forward to it,” says Vesna Tolic, who is excited to start the new season at Spreefüxxen. The captain of the Berlin team has had to take a break for the last three and a half weeks because he sprained his finger during training – but she is slowly letting her again hold the ball in her hands more often. “I hope I will be able to intervene again this weekend,” says the 30-year-old ahead of the first game for the stake in the second Bundesliga at TG Nürtingen on Saturday (19:30 / Sportdeutschland.tv).

But even when she can’t play, Tolic is confident. In the Union Halle-Neustadt First Division Blitz Tournament, the Spreefüxxe recently placed a solid second place despite a weakened backlash due to an injury, with the first DHB Cup win by 42:16 against top-tier team Görlitzer HC. “It looked pretty good, especially with our small squad,” says Tolic. “This year we have a healthy mix of experience and young, very talented players, so in all positions there is good competition with all types of players.”

From a human point of view, the right decision

With goalkeeper Ela Szott and field players Lucy Gündel, Lara Sophie Fichtner, Michele Stefes and Angela Cappellaro, the Berliners have signed up five new players to compensate for the departure of Chantal Pagel, Linnea Aula, Simona Kolosove and Bo Dekker. In this way, the team not only acquired new talent, but apparently also made the right decision from a human point of view. “You don’t even realize they’re new. Rather, it felt like we’ve known each other forever, “says Tolic of the newly formed group of fifteen that he likes to call a” little family “, such as the club.

It is also a sense of community that coach Susann Müller has recently attached great importance to, in addition to sports development and increasing professionalism. As part of the preparations that began in mid-June, the women took part in an almost traditional training camp in Denmark, archery, climbing in Mountmitte, completed their naval team building and competed in an obstacle course in Berlin. “Such measures are irreplaceable. And that relaxed the very long preparations and was great fun, ”says Tolic.

In terms of fun, he sees the biggest challenge this year. Unlike last season, the lead player hopes that she and her teammates will be able to enjoy handball more, think less about upcoming tasks and thus avoid unnecessary mistakes. That the defeats are handled better and the pressure doesn’t get out of hand, which is great despite the renewed goal of promotion and certainly the existing rivalry in the league.

A new approach to the new season

Tolic has also been working on himself in this regard – for example with the mental coach the team has been using since last season. “Something like this is worth its weight in gold. There will always be crises for which you can sometimes be better prepared and sometimes less prepared, “says Tolic, who says that she is now better able to deal with failure:” I’ve learned to accept things. Mistakes don’t go away just because I think about them for three days. “

Tolic tries to convey this approach to the younger team members. The Spreefüxxe are also approaching the new season with this approach. The motto is to set temporary goals instead of dreaming of a promotion right away – all assuming, of course, that we want to do our best in every game. After all, no one wants to lose and no one knows it better than the emotional Croat. “Of course we want to be there again at some point,” says Tolic, who played for Bosnia & Herzegovina and France before coming to Germany and landing in the capital in 2019.

Mistakes don’t go away just because I think about them for three days.

Vesna Tolic

Since then, the left-back, modeled by handball legend Ivano Balic, also born in Split, has been giving his best to achieve the success of his team – while she works part-time at a reception desk in a chiropractor’s office. “Sometimes it’s a lot. But when you do something you love, it’s never that hard. You can do all of this with good organization, ”says Tolic, who admits that the workload at the end of the week is not insignificant.

If the employer understands, both can be well coordinated. Especially since the job also has its advantages. In the event of an injury, Tolic can be checked and treated, gaining insight into the body that may only be helpful for the athlete. “I didn’t know much about it before,” admits Tolic.

Of course, she has been in physical therapy in the past, but it’s a completely different experience. It’s really interesting, ”says the 30-year-old who, after an active career in handball, can certainly envision continuing her career in the field of chiropractic. However, it’s not so far away that other players come to her with questions if there’s a fix somewhere. But the female soccer player has enough knowledge on the pitch that she can pass on. And Vesna Tolic wants to do this for a while. This Saturday is best.

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