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  • Escape games “myCityHunt” are the perfect combination of escape room and scavenger hunting.
  • While you and your team solve the exciting escape game, you explore the city at the same time.
  • The outdoor escape game through Cochem’s mall offers fun challenges and tricky puzzles that require creativity and teamwork.

In the classic escape room game, the players are locked in a small room. You have to solve various puzzles and work as a team to open the room. Puzzles are played in the escape game “myCityHunt” in Cochem not indoors, but outdoors instead. To successfully complete the game, players must travel to the various stations in Cochem downtown and solve challenging puzzles there.

In Cochem’s escape game, you won’t be locked in a room that you need to break free from. Here all Cochem is your “playing field”. The whole city is your external escape room!

Cochem’s myCityHunt escape game: Excitement and excitement in downtown Cochem

Basically the escape game “myCityHunt” is kind of Treasure Hunters 2.0. The combination of an entertaining game and a classic children’s birthday party promises pure fun and excitement, and allows you to explore the city together and experience an exciting adventure at the same time.

So that you and your team don’t get lost in the city, there’s something special Internet application. But it’s not just for navigation. You’ll also get a variety of puzzles to solve while you play – digitally via an app on your smartphone. With each challenge you defeat, you collect points and you get closer to victory.

A story about an escape in Cochem

Criminals threaten world chaos. Here you come in as a team. Armed with your smartphones, you set out to stop criminals.

You start at the city square and are guided to various locations in the city center via your smartphone. Contact persons will contact you by phone – but you can’t trust everyone! Interactive movies, exciting mini-games and much more drag you straight to the crime scene and turn your “mission” into a real adventure.

If you have successfully solved the case at the end of the game and stopped the criminals, you can persist in the highscore list. you will get one certificate and access to the whole personal photo gallery. Because when playing escape games, there are also fun waiting Photo challenges on you. The photos are then a great memory.

Cochem escape game is a great way to explore the city – in a very original way, guaranteed without boredom. This makes sightseeing an unforgettable experience.

All information at a glance

  • Start and end: Martin’s Fountain in the square
  • Opening hours: You can start escaping at any time
  • Entry: EUR 12.99 per person (minimum number of participants: 2)
  • Tickets: Online at (tickets are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase)
  • Duration: About 3 hours
  • Route: About 3.5 kilometers
  • Technical requirement: A smartphone with a camera, GPS and access to mobile internet to be able to use the web application of the escape game “myCityHunt”. You access the web app via code, so you don’t need to install anything.
  • For more information:

Escape room alternatives in the area

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