Henning Krautmacher on Höhner’s goodbye: His last concert will probably be so emotional

Henning Krautmacher on saying goodbye to Höhner
His last concert will probably be so emotional

Henning Krautmacher says goodbye to Höhnern 2022.

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Höhner singer Henning Krautmacher will stop playing at the end of 2022. It gets quite emotional for the 65-year-old, as he now reveals in an interview.

The iconic Cologne band Höhner will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2022. To honor this, the group came up with something unique. Two Höhner boxes “50 Years – 50 Hits” (three CDs) and “50 Years” (six CDs) will be released this Friday (September 9). In the coming years, the team will have to do without frontman Henning Krautmacher (65). He gives his last concert at the end of December and passes the baton to Patrick Lück (47), who has been on stage with Höhners since 2021.

Saying goodbye after more than 35 years is not easy for him. “I’m afraid that one or two tears will flow at the last concert,” Krautmacher explains in an interview with a news agency spot in the news. But the band will not lose it completely, as the cult singer reveals.

Mr. Krautmacher, did you survive the last coronary infection?

Henning Krautmacher: The infection in August was my second. I was so happy that I had almost no symptoms. Just a little sore throat and a little discomfort for a day or two. The previous vaccinations were obviously good and correct.

How difficult will it be for you to completely turn your back on Höhnern?

Krautmacher: We’ll see it when the time comes. By the end of December, I will be sharing the stage with six other Höhners. But to be honest, I’m afraid there will be a tear or two at the last concert.

How much heartbreak will be at the last concerts?

Krautmacher: I walk with a laughing and crying eye. I think there will be some heartache – I finally put my heart and soul into my team work. But I’m also in a good mood because I know that at Patrick Lück I have the best successor one could wish for. And the new Höhner as a whole is musically and personally “Formula 1”.

Will you stay with the band at least in the background?

Krautmacher: I strongly believe in it. Why should it be any different in my case than with Peter Werner, Janus Frohlich, Hannes Schöner, just to name a few who are consulted over and over again and available to the team in thought and deed.

You don’t want to retire after you leave. The program includes thriller. Can you reveal a little more about it?

Krautmacher: The only thing I can tell you is that a publisher who wants to publish the book has already been found. My reaction at the time was, “Don’t you want to wait while I write a thriller?” Nevertheless, it feels good to have such trust. But I can’t, won’t, and won’t reveal anything about the content just yet. It must be a little exciting.

They also want to spend more time in the kitchen again. Do you have a recipe that you especially like to cook?

Krautmacher: From my point of view, the regulations should be interpreted individually. That’s why I love to improvise. This “other mustache” – I’m talking about the professional chef Horst Lichter – once coined the term “Rum-fort”. This means: you look around the kitchen and what you “stop” and “have to go” is creatively transformed into a delicious menu. I like this.

What are your future plans after Höhnern?

Krautmacher: The first thing that comes to mind is my family. There are four generations in total for which I will have a little more time now. My dear 95-year-old mother, my wife, my children and my granddaughter. I will stand at the easels a little more often and create pictures.

What experiences do you especially like to remember with Höhnern?

Krautmacher: The most impressive experience was exactly 30 years ago. Our participation in the concert “Arsch Huh, Zäng ussenander!” – against all forms of violence, xenophobia and right-wing extremism – attracted over 100,000 people to Chlodwigplatz in the south of Cologne on November 9, 1992. But I will not forget the trips around the world that I made with the other Höhners. Our concert as the first Western European band on the Great Wall of China in Beijing, our trip to Brazil for the World Cup or our “Route 66” tour from Arizona to Las Vegas is unforgettable. And of course our last “little guest appearance” in front of over 20,000 heavy metal fans at the Wacken Festival.


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