Queen Elizabeth II had her own sense of humor

S.even the bear misses the queen. At least Paddington Bear tweeted a thank you to Her Majesty on Thursday evening: “Thank you for everything.” The famous bear in a red hat with floppy disks had already said the same words in a short film made on the occasion of the platinum jubilee of Elizabeth II. The Queen greeted at Buckingham Palace at A famous character from children’s books and revealed to his visitor what she had in her purse: a jam sandwich “for later.” Then the two beat the cups with spoons to the beat of Queen’s classic song “We Will Rock You”, which tens of thousands of revelers heard outside the walls the palace.

The clip once again showed how much humor the Queen had. Already in 2012, at the Olympics in London, she agreed to a film that no one would believe she is capable of: Daniel Craig as James Bond, and thus as Her Majesty’s secret agent, took his boss in the palace on a short helicopter flight from her parachute over the stadium. After the alleged jump, the Queen appeared in the same dress at the stand of honor to announce the Games open.

The Queen, Chancellor Olaf Scholz wrote on Thursday after her death, she will miss “not only her wonderful sense of humor.” However, she has only shown it publicly in recent years. It was rumored that she could imitate other people and voices in private and imitate them almost perfectly, but only close friends and family members could experience her slapstick cutscenes.

A very bright queen

Often, however, the rogue flashed with her, also because the queen was extremely bright and bright. And even at the official dinner with the American president. In a 2007 speech, George W. Bush was glad that the Queen was already present for the 200th anniversary of the US independence in 1776. Only then did she look at him “as soon as a mother can look at her child.” in, “as Bush later said with a smile, before starting her own speech,” When I was here in 1776. . “.

Taking a group photo with the leaders at the Cornwall G7 Summit in 2021, the Queen laughed as she asked, “Are we now pretending to like it?” When she was at the 2016 Chelsea Flower show the gardener told the gardener that the lilies of the valley were previously used as poison, Elizabeth II said jokingly, “I already had two bouquets this week, apparently someone wants to see me dead.”

While the Queen took her responsibilities very seriously, she often took herself less seriously than she seemed. In 2018, she informed the BBC about the Royal Collection and the Crown Jewels. It was also about the imperial state crown, the king’s crown, which Elisabeth described as “bulky” in the documentary. You always have to sit upright with it, that is, hold a written speech, because you cannot bow your head. “If you do this, it will fall or you will break your neck.” Even on the 70th anniversary of the throne, she made the whole room laugh when she refused to cut the cake. “I just stick the knife in and someone else can do the rest.”

Perhaps the funniest story about her is told from where she spent her last days, at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. There, the queen was usually able to move freely. But one time she came across a group of American tourists who were visiting the property with a security guard on a rainy day. One of the guests asked a woman in a raincoat and a headscarf if she had ever seen a queen here. “No,” Elizabeth II replied, pointing to her official companion. – But he does.

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